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"This Korea Ridge a little surprised a moment,

ard?" "This Korea Ridge a little surprised a moment, throat section of a thick slide a few times, only replied," Today is peace and prosperity, the emperor Terry wise and diligent Aimin, the Shoufu King gentleman far nike air max 90 villain, and understanding will not trapped people from untold miseries to happen. " "This is not necessarily down," Jang cold smile, look solemn statement Road, beetles official beetle governance, as the mosquitoes in the summer, how do you get clean off? Taking it every chance, it would bite you, you still magistrate in office, you said in your Jingxing, there is no disturbing harm China's happened? " "......:" Korea Ridge smiled bitterly. Well, how could not it, "Jang continue statement said" like I Jang transit, you come all the way ran to meet, which not only disturbed the people, but also disturbs the officer. Money S & P, do you think? " Money S & P seems to suddenly bite a pepper suddenly pale dry red, he bowed, unnatural laugh: We place on the tiny officer, wants to see the Grand Secretary, face to face listening to the teachings. If the Grand Secretary feel inconvenience met, Beizhi, street prison immediately notify the officials dispersed. " "Good money S & P, competition want me wicked to have come, and dispersed for even? Not Valley was going to meet everyone, Xin listen to keep the soil Anmin the difficulties for the court, Tomb Sweeping political, what kind of good advice . " ascend still Jang these words, letting the money S & P reassured, then was going to her mouth to speak, was surprised to find Jang turned to Korea Ridge: "You have not answered me, if we encounter the disturbing matter of harm to people, you still have the courage to stand up?" Korea Ridge mouth stiff pop out a word: "There!" "Good," Jang a shot Armchairs handrails: "Before I left Beijing, has applied to the emperor write unto recommend pulling as Industry Yuanwai Lang you were when the five products prefect, and now give you four products Title, but also be regarded as the court for your reward, do you think? " Thing is a sudden, Korea Ridge suddenly shocked, and stay there do not know to speak. 'D wake up sitting beside him money Pu-Ling, and quickly extensor head poked his YaoYan, quietly reminds us: "It is not faster mac makeup to thank, not quick to thank." Korea Ridge This awakened, stood up to North Korea Jang deeply Yi Yi, murmured: "Beizhi thanks to the emperor, to thank the Grand Secretary." Words of thanks will not have to say,




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