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550,000 words hair Ze monster beats by dre east and

monster headphones
their 2 people, no one can be called leader again." Three, aftertime don't hope to appear"long live" slogan."The banzai that only has national race only has the banzai of doctrine in San-min and Kuomintang, there is no personal banzai." After the hair Ze east passed away in less than a month, on the night of October 6, China country Feng postby:08bkzhang and leaf the sword English, and Wang Dong Xing ...etc. with one action capture "4 people help", then the river is green, Zhang Chun Qiao, Yao text dollar, Wang Hong Wen, ended "Cultural Revolution" calamity. China country Feng is to transfer sexual person.Convene in December, 1978 of 11 medium total three medium plenary meeting, Deng Xiaoping became in the total actual leader-although it is said at this time China country Feng still serve as medium totally central chairman. Deng Xiaoping and is then been become friends with to the mountain university in the Moscow in 1925 by as early as country.This the end of every year, is joined communism youth regiment by country, the regiment group is long to is Deng Xi Xian, namely later Deng Xiaoping.Two of him are classmates.Because none of two of him's statureses is high, stand brigade, always station together, side by side.Unexpectatively, half several centuries after, two of him became respectivelyCountry total next generation leader of two parties.Started Deng Xiaoping and through the country from now on of to the Yi, Deng Xiaoping keeps red chess, keeps blue chess through the country and continue the hair Ze east and that dish of Jiang Jie Shi don't have the next over chess 12th part:The chess postscript of not yet finished Finally finished writing the long article of this 550,000 words hair Ze monster beats by dre east and Jiang Jie Shi . My as if relieved of a heavy burden, long long the ground is comfortable one breath.I not from must think of the writing day in hair Ze east and Jiang Jie Shi inside, I once in response to pictorial magazine beats by dre headphones in Shanghai invite, is shoulding publish in 1993 Issue 2 to announce beats by dre an article, excerpt now some contentses in descend: From a long distance outside fly Shanghai once, sit into the den"contemplate Zhai", seem to be still to send forth to emphasize to celebrate on my body of fog spirit.I am writing more than 500,000 words of long article hair Ze east and Jiang Jie Shi , negotiation in Chongqing is the high tide of whole bookses.I on the spot stepped to investigate the red rock village, country that the hair Ze east stayed in those early years to totally negotiate a location piece cure win"laurel park" in the private home and Jiang Jie Shi of official residence, covered many party concerneds, make at the moment that me set down on paper, was




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