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again slowly and together slowly go awa

ld says, "my friend is just needing the ability person of this aspect, need very much." "Yes, I am to once say, and my sometime combines Be had no objection to to this kind of matter, " gram thunder Boer the Sir slowly answer."However, this kind of matter is to could not earn money, you know." "That pouring is true."The old Judea contemplates, or says to pack an appearance for contemplating, say."Could not earn money yes." "How is that your meaning?"The promise is second to anxiously hope him, ask a way."Can secretively do to order what, only the affair is reliable, and unlike foolish dangerous in the home how much." "Think of a plan on old woman how?"The fee gold asks, " binds the Duo to the their handbags, packet and comes over and turn curved run and be missing, can have many money and earn so much." "Sometime, they don't want to yell to shout loudly and by hand grasp indiscriminately?The matter in"the promise is second to shake head to counter-question a way, " is perhaps unsuited to my idea.Still have another road son?" "Have."The fee gold puts a hand the second knee is at the promise up, say."Collect a doll tax." "What is this ?"Gram thunder Boer the Sir don't understand. The "doll, dear of, " old Judea says, "is the kid whom the mother sends to buy thing, always take some six penny silver coins or shilling to come out on their body.Collect tax, be rend away their money-they usually is knead money in the hand-then push them to inside in the drain, again slowly and together slowly go away, seem what matter have no, don't have a kid to drop into ditch to fall off by himself[herself] painful?Ha ha ha!" "Ha ha!"The promise is jubilantly happily second legs to keep Deng and put a cachinnation." Hey hey, do this matter." "Agree verbally, " fee gold answer, "we can ascend a town and decisive battle bridge in the hole, and surroundings on taking to row a few good sites to you, those place parties the kid come out to buy thing of a lot of, in the daytime regardless which time, you love to push how much doll ditch all become.Ha ha ha!" Make reference to here, fee gold Chuo for a while gram the thunder Boer Sir's rib, 2 people break out one at the same time a burst of through long Air Jordan shoes not the loudness cachinnation of interest. "Ha, everythings are all very good."The promise is second to say, he already live to smile, the summer Luo Di also returns to a house inside."We agree verbally, is tomorrow when?" "Go or not at 10:00?"The fee gold asks, he sees a gram of thunder Boer the Sir noding approbation, and postby:08bkzhang then adding to say, " I introduces toward my good friend of time, how call?" "Boer especially Sir, " promise second answer, he has already had preparation to this urgent circumstance."Mo Li Si Boer especially Sir.This is the Boer the madam is especially." "As the Air Jordan Retro




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