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an airplane at that Puma Ferrari Shoes time

't promise the condition of the east of hair Ze-not signing!In Jiang Jie Shi's eyes, in totally still keep being "red bandit"! Four-part cent:Once again the cooperation attends to wish together-the week boon come to talks in Xian Well worth mentioning BE, January 14, 1937, the small episode for taking place in Shanghai:a ocean-going vessel lie alongshore in Huang Pu Jiang's side, a person that wears a coat and fastens a tie walked down.He puts blame on steamer to really open too slowly, with the result that held up godsend!Is this person to would be Wang Jing Wei, Jiang Jie Shi is in the long-standing enemy in the Kuomintang.The news of 1936 Xian Incident, makes just in France of he, a burst of rejoice with wild joy, think that the opportunity that take Jiang Jie Shi but generation arrived.His avouchment:"my decision is totally and exactly anti-, send with Nanking anti- day definitely uncompromising."He urgently and urgently returns to country.On December 22, 1936, he hot that second harbor ascend to drive upwards "wave private Tan" number cruise of sea in Italy.Unfortunately didn't sail directly an airplane at that Puma Ferrari Shoes time.Slowly postby:08bkzhang cruise's on the water crawls along, anxious fire Liao of he, also have to on a ship start to hum poem: Arrive a Zhen big wave voice the disease reply Xu, pass river inch the inch is worrying to; Frost hair scarts have no long plan, rise Ti remnants the light read an old book. When he arrives Shanghai, 1936 Xian Incident has already fallen in a curtain, the still big power in control of Jiang Jie Shi. Four day after, Wang Jing Wei takes airplane to fly to a Nanking-just take airplane at this Puma Shoes time, crest what use?!When the airplane flies to arrive a Nanking, the God doesn't make the United States as well and floated to spread to start to rain cold rain to come.Proceed from an etiquette, national government chairman Lin Sen floats long Ran, at a protect hiding of oil paper umbrella under, the unsteady station greets on the airport.Wang Jing Wei is dressed in full-length gown and wears air jordan shoes a gift hat and wears wry smile on heap of face while treading to get off the airplane, very embarrassed Jiang Jie Shi stayed at old house for exactly a month, went toward Hangzhou by February 2 and continued to"rest". Mediating of backstage finally has already concluded a fruit.Jiang Jie Shi just got to Hangzhou, then busy adjusted a soldier to send will, face west Anne enter hair-because after airtight company, Yang Hu Cheng and medium totally have already agreed that the central soldier peaceably gets into Xian. Yang Hu Cheng has no alternative and reaches agreement with Nanking government: A, Chang Hsueh-liang open a Tong to close into Air Jordan 5 Su




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