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ution concerning this history afterwards description of big physical stature bureau.(2)Added to write concerning fight the invading army the period party history route problem don't make conclusion of if postby:08bkzhang one is extremely important, one definitely puts forward, "extension of seven medium the plenary meeting speedily think:Concerning after fighting the invading army some historical problems inside the party, because fighting the invading army the stage hasn't ended and stay to treat Wholesale MAC Cosmetics in the future do conclusion is appropriate".This meaning, chairman Mao will ascend to make on March 31 further exertion, point out seven greatest policies to are solution mature historical problem's hasing no the problem having been mature need not be eager to doing conclusion.Thus, the contents that involves to fight the invading army period historical problem on the Cheap MAC Cosmetics later draft entirely deleted.(3)Increase to change more substantially to 8 basic false contentses of "left" Qing route, further emphasized in the brave conflict that the "left" Qing route rules large party member of period and staff's crowd at the same time, point out:"In this great conflict, the whole behavior people's benefits but sacrifice in a heroic way of the leader out of the party, leader, staff inside the party, party member and the masses of the people, will be worshiped by my party and people forever."(4)while analyzing the social source that the "left" Qing route produces, point out the small propertied class thoughts of characteristicses like"is or so to sway, falter uncertain, glib and opportunistic",etc, think "this is the small propertied class on the economy the unsteady position of place is in the reflection on the thought".(5)Route and direction that added to write concerning history proof chairman Mao in the coda part are correct, party at a period make mistake a mistake is a partial phenomenon, and the party passes to overcome false but stronger a big segment words, thus formed history to resolution the main contents of seventh part afterwards. Process the third time after modifying, set type and print a pure kind again on April 5 at the same year.Henceforth, 4 time, 5 time, the original draft of modification is all printing from lead type draft this time for the 6th time.On these modification drafts, in addition to being mainly chairman Mao's modification handwriting outside, there is also also other leadership comrade jot the handwriting of the modification.This explains that the history resolutions of drafted a process draft to coagulate the collective intelligence of party




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