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attack to jump nautical mile at the Cheap NBA Jerseys enemy,

he afar to say. "Have not I saw, how might know to isn't and yes again?" history Parker so down on her back answer. "Don't speak like this irresponsiblely!" Li Fu peeps out a helpless facial expression. "I am absolutely can't forget " Ba Xi Lu says by the voice shivering.And malicious stare Li of the direction pointed by man."Is that guy!" Ba Xi Lu loudly shouts a way."That brown hull I absolutely can't make wrong!""appeared?" hears Ba Xi Lu's interjection, history Parker suddenly jumped.Arrive just still feel not equal to the dead dropped calculate of heart, for an instant vanish."Continue to pretend a fishing like this. launch the moment of attack to jump nautical mile at the Cheap NBA Jerseys enemy, then took place for the spirit sorcery of the Li's man." history Parker quickly did designation. "Receive!" cover pulled a gram to lick to lick lips.His waist hangs a to chase small scaled axe. History Parker currently also take a break sword, the Li Fu then takes to more smallly protect body sword. 3 people didn't wear formal battle armor, armed can be said to be very weak.However don't see a soldier on the enemy warship.Even if someone on board, should also can't too many.In case of predict to end up in nothing of words, they Bailey Button Triplet UGG Boots intend to want to directly withdraw. (I want to substitute to expose hero's south to revenge.)Parker of the history is in mind to talk quietly. The warship that owns utter darkness hull is taken no cognizance to dashing great waves, even slowly approach to come over. History Parker Uggs Fox Fur waits although the person is nervous,still keep continuing to pretend a fishing. Then that came for an instant. The forecastle ship's bow of utter darkness starts to gleam the light in red. "Jump into nautical mile!" Cheap Ugg Boots history Parker is seeing the moment of that prospects yelling. However before the voice rings out, the cover pulls gram and Li Fu and expects rare Lu have already dived into sea. Water bead connects two to connect three to start to spray, history Parker waits the fishing boat that the person embarks to take place big explosion, the wood slice flies to spread everywhere and comes out flame and thick smoke.Small scaled fishing boat's getting one shot is completely smashed. "Barf city destructive power " peeps out surface history Parker of face not from must swallow tone, although have already listenned to a report,have never thought unexpecte




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