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bake alimental nowadays

s, the Grand Secretary to be received, if he timely return, the fastest have to be seven days, we see the seven, that is, out of the big things, we also have to hold the past. "
The school have seen feeling the Sui entirely a relentless, heart very despicable, they ridiculed the Road:
"Chen adults, you if afraid of go wrong, and down there is a very convenient solution side."
"What is the solution side?"
"Xinyin put."
MAC Makeup Cheap "You` Tuoliaokuzi fart, it touches on the loose, "Sui snappily replied," is your name caught, is now saying sarcastic, if you write posts six hundred in the rush to the Grand Secretary to announce his this matter, we really put how heart implicit release.
Seeing the two top cow, Wang Longyang quickly stood out half-hearted: Golden adults, this is a joke, Chen adults, but when the truth, Forget it Forget it, we still talk down to business. "
Kim Hak had homeopathic laughed: "I do a joke, Chen adults, but to me than the last trial of strength a. Chen adults, you rest assured, grasping how heart hidden is my gold school had the idea, responsibility for any time, I do not will push to you. "
"Whenever we call upon you to not talk to you is to discuss countermeasures," Eric Chan also try to pressure the anger, the words Road, "You Do not underestimate the impact of the Xinyin, bake alimental nowadays people impetuous. A bunch of mischievous youth students, and idle all day floating wave children, both a combination is likely to make trouble, this Bukebufang.
"Chen adults is right, I'm afraid the same garrison, arrange a few battalion sergeant city to the need not lonely."
"I have to make arrangements on the city yesterday anti Maybe Mars bowed over, they mobilized a garrison of six hundred soldiers, Today morning on the city."
Both six hundred Wholesale MAC Makeup soldiers, things are more easy to handle. "Kim Hak chimed.
"How easy to handle?" Eric Chan asked.
Xiaguan of view, to deal with aggressive behavior, not simply on the defensive as much as possible to seize the opportunities to seize the initiative. "
"Do you mean yes?"
Kim Hak had two sparse eyebrows a Young, said: "I suggest that these six hundred soldiers marched Xiaohongshan immediately seized Hongshan College.
Wang Longyang think this is a good idea, but he refused to stand, at this critical time, depends on the Futai the face to act. Sui listen to remark, thought for a moment, said:
"Seizure of the Hongshan College, will only arouse greater Incident can no




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