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Be apart from Dont'a Hightower

nting. Only premise is totally different. Was born from the egg, therefore the dragon has no father, has no younger sister and has no of personal status, have no more belong to of Kingdom.They don't know that the evil absolute being is making disorder everywhere, even if know to also have no necessity to fill with righteous indignation. "Have to control the heart of dragon " this sentence has already spoken numerous times. "But how exactly should do?"The Na helps Lu to continuously and repeatedly ask oneself. Mankind and the difference of the dragon are really a lot too big, more want to more feel to control the heart of dragon to is an impossible affair. Feel to is like an on the prowl at the maze that didn't export. The Na helped Lu to stand down in the evening in the next day rock mountain. Be apart from Dont'a Hightower Jersey him to ascend a crest up to now already ten day. Descend the first reason of mountain because food and water all have been already seen bottom, and treat so again to also have no to largerly harvest in the summit of hill. An affairs happened to that very day of mountain still under his decision. Heel usually similar go out after looking for a Cheap Patriots Jersey find return the breeze dragon of nest, what to grasp is on the feet own a Jiu type skull and lion body of abnormal shape evil thing. BE be named a kind of Huan monster of Jiu head lion. They will assault mankind, therefore also often be called an evil monster, belong to abnormal shape living creature of it but grow stalwart and dominant, even have the features that the knight or nobility uses it being into line in the house. Plus their amounts are few, therefore almost be regarded as legendary living creature, the Na helps Lu certainly to also see for the first time. It is said that the battle armors that their sharp mouth and benefit claw owns a terrible destructive power, connects a knight can is like a blank sheet of paper sort to easily tear to pieces.They like to eat horseflesh very much, therefore almost will take place Jerod Mayo Jersey every decade the horse or knight is assaulted in the frontier mountain area of news. According to jot down them are matchless evil strong dint monsters, however breeze dragon but Jiu head the lion regard as to prey for food of object, and it the scale of that sky color completely didn't hurt. The Na helps Lu also re- experience personally a dragon have much stro




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