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because bring up the family that he grows up gentle and

because bring up the family that he grows up gentle and soft must be like a bird nest.This family pulls to compare with with tower and seem to be is so calmness, so old type, so high-class.Think Jia to feel, this house is just requesting to get brandy, tobacco and hopes to add a tin head oil and male sun the smell just, request that the voice being vulgar having with occasionally curse and scold, requested gun and beard, have saddle and Jiang Pei and rounded to walk by the side of the feet of hunting dog.She thinks of very much the tower pulls as long as mother carry body on mother's back go to then through often heard of those quarrel a voice, the head of Rosa heel D Nuo mouth, herselfs and Su Lun vehemence dispute, and the hero pulls Er virtuous yell to shout loudly of intimidation voice, etc..Is nowise strange, MAC Cosmetics check Er Si Be been from to such a family, then become to be like a my daughter kid.Always could not smell to take stimulating flavor here, the everyones all respect the other people's opinion.Talk is also a thin small voice spirit of, the result makes that black ash hair in the kitchen of the dictator give order.Think Jia at first for evading the direct of mama but hoping a little bit tolerantly held misseses real power person, can discover at present that the Peter big uncle gives Mrs. young lady the standard for certainly descending even stricter than still wanting of the mama, then have a little unhappy. In this family, thought Jia to resume original normal, and almost and insensibly the emotion is getting more normal.She returns however is 17 years old, the body is quite good, energetic, check the person of the house of Er Si and make her comfortable and happy in the by all manners.If they had a little don't attain, that cans not blame him, either, because she each time a hear start to talk about the name that the moxa hopes a gift will heart palpitates, and this kind of is painful is who can not also help what her throw away.Besides the Mei orchid always usually mentions him again!However Mei orchid and skin Di still continuously at try to comfort they think the sorrow she experience currently.They put own worry in the part and concentrate idea to transfer her attention.They are busy in preparing for her to eat, arrange her to take a nap, let her take the wagon to outside amusement.They really not only envy her, envy her brave personality, her beautiful figure, cleverly




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