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but beats by dre headphones unexpectatively fights

f enemy After come to heart pure very nervous.She certainly once beat a gun and still once practiced a rifle to live ammunition firing in the school.But she has never thought she one day will face to face exchange blows with enemy, and in addition to movie, she has never seen real combat as well, but beats by dre headphones unexpectatively fights unexpectedly condescend to come to this guard in the very tight rocket base.She the mood at the moment elephant a Ci Fu at deep mountain the hunter on old side of tiger's den wood, nervous must even eyebrow all at tiny jump about. After boon but very calm and steady, he comes out 2 and arrive the outside checks 1 time of airship cabin front doors, just again walk to come in, continue in the panorama television to watch everything of outside occurrence.The color of the sky has been very dusk.Shine in glory in the search-light powerful light pillar under, beats by dre fly snow Xuan book.Grotesque, seem the hordes of troops and horses is fighting, and then seem numerous billows are seethe, roaring of breeze snow drowned the whole world.Though staring is big eyes, he still what also can not see.Some times, the second soldier says:We go out here, don't know any circumstance at all, suppress to kill a person.But know after the boon, engineer Huo wants them to firmly stand by in the airship is what mean, this is a very important post, these are their dugouts. In the cockpit of closeness, although their little bit has never also been blown by breeze snow beat,they are placed oneself to an is truely strong breeze suddenly and violently the world of snow.They waited so a quarter, two engrave a clock don't know as well is how long.Suddenly, imitating the Buddha was the earth to vibrate for a while, several individuals connect toward floret leopards to all heavily fall down on the floor.The second soldier at the beginning still thinks to is an earthquake, but he seemed to hear after being taken by surprise of boon but urgent voice in the obfuscation: The not very eastern number takes off! The explosion voice flooded service the whole.The cosmos airship straightly stabs a boundless night sky toward white snow. Four, total engineer Shao son Anne It was silent to cover with the retiring room of base. Engineer Huo deeply covers up sofa up, chafe of the left sum Cape tie up ascend gauze.He the low low ground hang a head.The Shao son sits idly in closing to a sofa, elep




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