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by there returning of beats headphones Li Zong Ren

sible to return to mainland. Li Zong Ren immediately after spoke of himself again: I am like Jiang Jie Shi and Kuomintang, is a failed.The only differentiation BE, I completely don't put this cheap beats headphones matter in the mind.Is an individual to come to to say, myself am unimportant, I can not hinder prospect and her progress of China.I feel joy because of own failure, is being born from my mistake because of new China when was we once had already been like such a strong China that we have today? After Li Zong Ren of political secretary distance think far backstage to shuttle, many secretly visit Peking are made an arrangement by the boon in week, so June 13, 1965, Li Zong Ren flies to Zurich small with the name that accompanies the madam to go to Switzerland cure live.Then quietly go to Pakistan Karachi, is turned into Guangzhou by there returning of beats headphones Li Zong Ren, blow a burst of"Li Zong Ren's tornado" in Chinese mainland.Win a total everyone's important person, Kuomintang the old department is everywhere and entertain Li Zong Ren's husband and wife in succession.Inside most is interesting of BE, the last generation emperor Pu instrument holds his hand to say:"welcome you to return to us, the great motherland embraces an inside!"The last generation emperor and last generation president meets and temporarily spreads for the anecdotes. On January 1, 1969, Li Zong Ren dies in a rectum cancer, whole year postby:08bkzhang round 78 years old. 12th part:The chess Cao of not yet finished's gathering Ren is shuttled to Peking-Hong Kong-Taipei Return at Li Zong Ren of the day in, a mysterious person is shuttled to "Hong Kong- Peking- Hong Kong", "Hong Kong- Taipei- Hong beats headphones Kong".Is this person in 1958"823" bombard with artillery the nervous time of Kinmen, carry Taiwanese mission Be appeared www.drebeatsheadphonesxo.com to Peking.Hair Ze east once"was cold he several days".It is this person to would be Cao to gather Ren. On October 1, 1959, Peking holds the People's Republic of China to establish ten anniversary grand celebration ceremony, he should also invite to arrive at Peking and stay at the new Qiao hotel of Chong text in Peking door.State Department sent special car for him and was provided for him to use. A day early in the morning, the Cao gathers Ren still in the sleeping and suddenly smell knock on door of voice.On opening the door, the doorway unexpectedly stands the decade has never met of the wife of the knot hair Wang Chun Cui.The Cao is gathered Ren to come and go go to between Hong Kong, Peking, hardly have opportunity to meet with wife, Wang Chun Cui, due to carrying special mission.Wang Chun Cui lives Jiang Fan Cun in the orchid river county in Zhejiang, the transportation is even inconvenient.Th




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