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peep out dishonest don't exert of hoof." So this half month records to match to publish, printing like again stop issue, suddenly hair suddenly stop, again and again be three times as a result still born.Though Jiang Jie Shi makes greatest efforts to negate 1936 Xian Incident, however 1936 Xian Incident after all and profoundly influenced this time a general assembly.The general assembly passed declaration and meant if the territory sovereignty"suffer postby:08bkzhang damage, exceed to endure patiently limit, but decidedly proceed from a to fight".Jiang Jie Shi also says in the pronouncement:"if conceded to outrun limit, Be only proceed from fighting the invading army of one way."This is in the speech in Jiang Jie Shi, appear to"fight the invading army" one phrase for the first time. No matter how it is say, on the whole clearly white white the ground mentioned to fight the invading army-although still have a premise, namely"exceed endure patiently limit".There in no don't say to is 1936 Xian Incident on greatly promoting, one big achievement, one big contribution, one great victory benefit.As for how treat communist, issue all the more white-knuckle.The general assembly adopt resolution adopted concerning exterminating red disaster and still craved for "exterminate a red disaster", but"red disaster" certainly what to point cheap beats headphones is medium total.However, is small and soft to weigh this resolution adopted concerning exterminating red disaster , can discover among them again turns and twists of affairs ground accepted in totally totally cooperate concerning the country of suggestion.This resolution adopted, put forward processing with in totally relate to of"the way of lowest limit": The first, the troops of one country, has to unify to draw up and unify to order, then can accept the effect of an arm, breaking the none nation can allow a doctrine to cut off incompatible troops keep both, past the beard thoroughly cancel its so-called"Red Army", and other make use of the organization of title. The second, the political power is for the country unified the house is unified of essential condition.Any nation in the world breaks to forbid one country inside, of existence beats headphones two kinds of political powers, past beard monster beats by dre thoroughly cancel"Su beats by dre headphones Wei Ai government" and other the whole breakages unified of organization. The third, communize publicity with with save a country and save a people for doctrine in San-min of job ambition absolutely not ability compatible, namely and I the people people's livelihood life and social activities as well extremity mutually back, past the root of whiskers originally stop it to communize publicity. The fourth, the class struggle takes one rank benefi




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