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e charge of Tu thunder to ascend a Sir to be born here house, and spent teenager's ages here. Medium total originally have a quite good relation with this"ambassador's master".In November, 1945, when the benefit of He Er resigns from the job of the United States' ambassador to China, American government once prepared to appoint virtuous Man of Wei for halt China ambassador.The Wei virtuous Man clearly inclines toward Jiang Jie Shi.Week boon to know this news, while seeing an American president special envoy Matthus in Chongqing, say:"Wei the virtuous Man general and Jiang Jie Shi's relation is extremely close.Let him serve as the United States' ambassador to China, China can not not only carry out coalition government, and the civil war will be ineluctable."Matthus right away asks the boon in week:" do you think that who the United States' ambassador to China quite the cheese candidate is?"Week boon to with alacrity answer Yue:" president John of the university in the Yan city Lai department diagram Er especially Doctor, regardless on the scholarship and character up, cheap puma shoes also have a square the noodles is at the political neutral, isn't a quite the cheese candidate?"John mentioned for coming week boon Lai department diagram Er especially(John Leighton Stuavt) Doctor, among puma sneakers them text MAC Cosmetics name then the Yue department Tu thunder ascend.Matthus' commander-in-chief accepted week boon come of suggestion, afterwards American government indeed as expected ordination department the Tu thunder ascend for halt China ambassador April 22, 1949, the Nanking has been precarious.This early in the morning, the national government acts for the male super breeze breeze fire fire of foreign minister, leaf, to left for to visit to take charge of Tu thunder to ascend and turns the words of reaching the generation president of Li Zong Ren:"ask Mr. ambassador to to the utmost leave at once a Nanking, move to halt Guangzhou."Take charge of Tu thunder postby:08bkzhang to ascend indeed such as the hair Ze east speech, "sit immobility, Zheng rises eyes looking at".When Chinese People's Liberation Army gets into a Nanking, the department Tu thunder ascends "sit immobility, Zheng rises eyes looking at" still.He sends his private secretary Fu Jing the wave find out news in the Nanking city.On Cheap MAC Makeup April 28, an important person takes train to go down south from Beiping, arrives a Nanking and makes to take charge of Tu thunder to ascend a pleased to hope an outside. Is this person to named Huang Hua, be subjected to boon of the week come of appoint, serve as the Nanking military control matter outside the committee to grow in everywhere.Week boon to send Huang Hua Lai's Nanking, is in consideration of Nankin




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