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China MAC Makup Cheap of the society the economic

al work agenda.The affair is this, the hair Ze east didn't tie down by his/her own past theory, he respected his own theory achievement and respected new fulfillment more, everything from physically set out, continuously develop own theory to push a social progress.The transitional period total route isn't what hair Ze east want out without basis.Also someone once doubted, whether listenned to Stalin's opinion, because Cheap MAC Cosmetics the hair Ze east posed this question for the first time, exactly in hearing the week boon that just came back from the Soviets to make collective report and negotiate the central postby:08bkzhang secretary meeting of the circumstance with Soviets.Through identification, this has no basis.Answer of problem can look for from at that time China MAC Makup Cheap of the society the economic life. The transitional period total route puts forward and changed to originally conceive, namely from have the social stage of a new democratism first, then again"with one action realization" socialism, change to "gradually transition", starts to establish and then transfer to puma shoes the socialism from new China.China carries out socialism and adopted to gradually enter of, peaceful way, not mutation of, vehemence of way.Is positive as it does, the socialism reforms though the manner is fast fierce(here want to point out, the socialism once reforms quickly and lead urgently, is serious weakness),did not arouse a violent social vibration, the social productivity not only didn't encounter breakage and on the contrary had a development;The race propertied class not only didn't boycott this reformation and on the contrary accepted a reformation;The work agriculture alliance not only didn't weaken and on the contrary made stronger more on the new foundation.These all explain that with hair Ze east for core of total center in the generation lead collectively and concentrate fulfillment experience of whole party intelligence and people of the whole country and successfully came out a special Chinese socialism revolution road.This is the major contribution of the hair Ze east and Communist Party of puma shoes sale China. (Pang prophet Li Jie) five the part section 126 the Yang Shangkun recall Gao Rao's affairs Gao Gang , the Rao Shu stone abruption party's activity also calls "Gao, Rao anti- party alliance" affairs and takes place in 1953 and makes public during 1954 the beginning of the years, till the spring of 1955 the processing completes.This is new China establishes, at key figures inside the party for the very first time appear of the serious conflict of an abruption and anti- abruption




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