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creeping vine with monster headphones Jiang Jie Shi

e policy of the anti- day race united front of my party, so we he is welcome!"The leaf stands to answer a phrase.He said such a from Jiu and then from courageously of words:"the comrades welcome me, really not worthy.The revolution compares to climb a mountain, many comrade not afraid mountain Gao, not afraid the road is difficult, have been walking upward, I have 1 is climb to halfway up a hill again turn back, cheap dre headphones now again keep up with.From now on, definitely act according to the road that the party indicate to walk, under the correct leadership of the party and chairman Mao, insist fighting to the bitter end!"Is interrogative that the ice releases, from now on hair Ze the east pretty threw a trust ticket to the leaf, don't need Bo any further thou, cheap beats headphones leaf the sword English "promise"ed!So, the leaf pretty walks to allow right away and become the hair Ze east and the dual ordination of Jiang Jie Shi of new four soldier army commanders. Sixth part:Wan south mutation the leaf stand item English successively Guan yarn hat As for item English, have no creeping vine with monster headphones Jiang Jie Shi, pour is heel hair Ze the east contain the deepest origin item the English is the weaving worker of martial Chang, be engaged in worker's sport.Then join communist in 1922.Next year he becomes a city man one of the leader of railroad"27" greatest strikes.Henceforth, because the Northern Expedition soldier beat Wuhan, Wuhan becomes revolution center and plus communist international to emphasize to promote a worker to be from of win total party member, item English at in total position rapid ascension, from the central member of committee then political bureau member of committee, then political bureau often Wei, the position is once higher than hair Ze east. At the end of 1930, the item English postby:08bkzhang gets into red area in Jiangxi.He once once supported hair Ze east, again once whole malicious lead monster beats by dre hair Ze east, inside the boon gratitude and grudge resented, turns and twists of affairs.However, have 1:00 he is very good, then it is anti- for the fifth time"round Jiao" failure, the Red Army is forced to go on a long journey a moment, he receives order to leave to wage guerrilla warfare, and he is determinedly obedient to.This really it may be said"Be accepted order to a calamity moment", stay very probably like be placed of hopeless situation.He incredibly in Jiang Jie Shi's large force"round Jiao", beg existence, isolated didn't aid in the south of China of the territory visit shot for several years.His under charge visits a shot brigade and also became afterwards lately the framework of four soldiers. Is obvious, after new four soldierses establish, the leaf stands although is a




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