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dare to Monster Beats Turbine guarantee as

deed know, either, bomb explosion is what situation.Some people combine and incompletely is playing trick, the atmosphere may catch fire while speaking of explosion, or the Earth may split up.Still some people nervously speak of, this may be failure. Carry on experimenting this time be for wanting to indeed know this.Uranium-235 have already been testing the indoor to acquire pleased achievement, the scientists all feel satisfied and think that its affirmation will arouse to bomb however explode in time under the critical quality status, so use it to deep-fried wide island, need not in advance again make to experiment.The problem is:Huge Manhattan planned to carry on so a great deal of work, refined a size to be like one poisonous of mouse so a piece of uranium-235, it barely enough makes a bomb.Discover that making bomb with the Mao is more simple, its keeps quantity also more abundant.But the Mao is a kind of more impressionable material.Who don't dare to Monster Beats Turbine guarantee as well, two pieces of Mao contact can't lead to early arouse an explosion-that will be failure.So have to to several the second to none science and technology staff member design in the world of the device carry on experimenting at a time and see whether it can clap two pieces of Maos to arouse an explosion between each that split second together.By this time the rains and winds let up gradually and start carrying on to experiment.Experiment successful.Do obeisance Lun the night class that take in Washington from San Francisco airplane be by this time seen a southern noodles the sky the Zu by bad weather in ambiguously flash across one glow-in-the-dark, but he thinks that that is a lightning flash.That dawn, there is the rain-storm that many thunder and lightnings hand over to make in the west of the United States.His younger sister is like majority of Luo Si Allah Mo Si's housewives, at experiment to carry on of the whole a period of time in always Han's sleeping don't come postby:08bkzhang to. Certainly, at west Mu Anne's virtuous Sen eyes in, that can be different from is a lightning flash.He stands on nonexistent 25 miles outside of place, through the black glass glasses, flashlight witnessed mankind never to once see on the ground, although that flashlight is that they usually see in the flicker of the shining in glory of hot sun and the stars.The west Mu falls in the ground.This is to proceed from a kind of instinct.Once made while waiting until him to stand up Ao originally sea Doctor Mo's thinking of the Pi Se fire cloud for showing supernatural power Nu in the song of big absolute being have already risen to be up to many airs of miles.The brigadier general and Monster Diddy Beats a scientist o




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