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deluxe dinner party beats by dre is all right

uses water a blunt, is a bowl of egg shredded meat to squeeze vegetable soup. Is the pilot old to eat these things? Where, where!The second soldier hurriedly says.Here, do a table of deluxe dinner party beats by dre is all right.The thing here, not only supply a pilot for short several days inside use, but want to provide Mars work station one large numbers of people to use for two years Two years? Yi, don't you still know the plan of eastern number?The second soldier depressed voice.Last week, 2003 bases had construction cosmos airship fly to the Mars go.The eastern number is responsible for sending for them to keep and device, if there is also an united number, , also on 2003 bases, didn'tyet construct like What do so many airships go to Mars and do?After come to there is pretty an interest ground asking. , After come!Second soldier answer way.The Mars is most to leave the Earth a recent planet, also an elephant permafrost a planet.Mars is a point smaller than the Earth, a little bit colder.In 18th century, people see have a dark spot on Mars in the telescope and carefully lines, they think, this is the marsh land of Mars, and the canal that water go to from the marsh land derivation.Canal!This is the reasonable living creature then can scoop out.Hence, hence, compose large numbers of science imagination novels, Martian how how, say have a nose to contain eye.Have been already proven now, on Mars no one, there is no deluxe living creature.Someone says that the Mars is that one is aged, the life has been already elapsed of star.Do you believe? The young girl stares big curious about eyes and deliberates. I don't believe as well.Hang a smile on the second soldier's simple and honest face.If on Mars ever someone over, monster beats by dre there is elephant person similar and reasonable living creature, that end, no matter the Mars natural condition became how harsh, they couldn't exterminate, either.They can conquer nature.We do people on the earth falsely do like this?You see, the desert is nearby stepping back from we.We are from the so-called barren land inside, win how much food!The mankind are great universe creations of, but the mankind change the feature of great universe again.The mankind have already reformed a permafrost feature, why can not reform Mars The words of fire similar enthusiasm make after come to the heart Jing absolute being Chi.She usually thinks that the inters




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