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don't come to Womens Puma Future Cat Taiwan

olate openly you, until is fordone young man."The big degree ground of Sir Bang Bu Er says. "You didn't also violate openly."The stranger says. This some kind of brief dialogues are again a burst of and silent after, is still that another stranger broke logjam. "I perhaps and formerly once saw you."The stranger says that" you were dressed in at that time different, I just face to face once walked with you down the street, but shoulded still think as getting up.Have you ever been local diocese executive officer and righted?" "I am to once be, " Sir Bang Bu Er how much a bit shocked, "diocese executive officer." "Is, " is a little bit another to nod, once connected a topic, "my that moment see you being serving as that job.What do you do now?" "Help poverty director Yuan, " Sir Bang Bu Er says very slowly and as far as possible to leave a deep impression for person, in case the other party livings to serve as what disproportionate hot strength."Help poverty director Yuan, young man." "Do not know that your taste still keeps being not an old appearance, does stare at self-interest?"The stranger immediately after says, the part vision brightly shiningly forces to see Womens Puma Fluxion II Sir Bang Bu Er's eyes, this sentence asks the other party Be startled to don't understand that the ground is raised head."Waiter how answers to all go.You see come out, I very understand you." "I think that a married man is similar to bachelor, " Sir Bang Bu Er Be answering and by hand holding up a glow-in-the-dark and conjectured a stranger cap-a-pie some kind of, clearly put descend don't come to Womens Puma Future Cat Taiwan."Combine to have no objection to the time of having the opportunity the Zheng is two clean money.The diocese employee's salary isn't high, so can't refuse any very small extra income, as long as the background is proper, the rules go." The stranger is tiny tiny on smiling, and then orders to nod, seemed to say that he didn't see a wrong person and immediately after pulled bell. "Come to one cup again, " says, he passes the empty cup of Sir Bang Bu Er to postby:08bkzhang the shopkeeper."Coming to cup is fierce and hot, you like so, do I think?" "Do not be fierce to too much."Sir Bang Bu Er lightly coughs 1 and answers a way. "Shopkeeper, your understanding this are what mean."The stranger very dry says. The that the owner was wearing a smile to back to go out, turn an eye carries again full full a cup wine came back, tears flowed out into his eyes inside right after Sir Bang Bu Er drank an one mouthful. The "you listen to me saying now, " stranger closes doors and windows and says, "I get to this place today, for finding out you.Sometime, return is really a ghost to make absolute being bad, proper I with full intention think your effort, you walked into the house that I sit to come.I want to find out some matter with you,




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