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Ferrari Shoes a contesting of end

rs for his subordinate, descend reached the order of urgent evacuation military officer family members.This order, reveal the secrets of heaven is paid Xie by the military police by going to 228 regiment government troopses, Ju plan vanishes like bubbles.On November 28, the Liberation Arm captures river Jin and approaches Chongqing.The Yan tin mountain that allowed administration director Yuan at that time was flown by Chongqing to escape Chengdu.But Jiang Jie Shi still stays in Chongqing in command of.On November 30, Liberation Arm from river Jin agreeable river field etc. place strong Du Yangtze River, Kuomintang navy, river, keeps fleet"permanent stability", "Hao house" number from starting revolution.At this time, Jiang Jie Shi has to in flurry take airplane to abscond to Chengdu.On that day, mountain city Chongqing changes flags.Chengdu, becoming Jiang Jie Shi the base finally is in Chinese mainland.Jiang Jie Shi wants in Chengdu and in totally make Puma Ferrari Shoes a contesting of end.For fig uping morale of troops, Jiang Jie Shi an anti- he in normal times movements habit of keeping secret, each report of Chengdu Puma Shoes all published the news that Jiang Jie Shi comes to Rong on December 1s: Central today morning of chief executive officer of agency about 9:00, multiply by "Central America" a number special airplane from two pursuit plane escort, hold with dignity to celebrate white the city Yi airport take-off come to Rong and land a new Jin airport, Huang Shao Gu and Yu benefit, the valley positive key link, pottery rare saint and through the country, Chen Chang Huan and week great big wave, Cao saint aroma and summer young power etc. with go, Chengdu, six president Zhang Yao Ming of the schools, air force air jordan shoes the armed forces area commander Xu Huan Sheng, all rush through to leave for postby:08bkzhang an airport to face respectfullly, province each top brass of Yuan, all don't and go to.Chief executive officer official residence in the accredited to a country military school, allow at 11:00, director Yan, and chairman Wang...etc., leave for a military Air Jordan 5 school to call on.And then Xun:chief executive officer arrive at 10:00 north field in the school, invite director Yan meet, the pieces, Wang Ling Ji and strict roar tiger goes to a military school to call on at 11:00. Report medium mention of chairman Wang, namely provincial governor Wang Ling Ji of Sichuan;Director Yan, namely administration director Yuan Yan tin mountain;The strict roar tiger is Jing in Chengdu to have commander. "Accredited to a country military school" of Jiang Jie Shi, what to point is the central army officer school that locates at in the north to compare a field, namely Huang Bu military school. The time in t




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