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for agriculture Air Jordan 4 producers' cooperative and

the sistuation that support anti- the United States' aiding dynasty war by huge financial power, the task miracle sort ground of instauration national economy completes in advance.Just passed through in new China 3 anniversary postby:08bkzhang birthday moment, spread the yield of work agriculture main product over found a nation the good news of the ex- tallest level, the work agriculture total production value ratio founded a nation in 1936 increasing of front's tallest level 20%.But the estimate at first is resumed national economy with 3-5 years. The second variety BE, after three years, the economy resumes a period, the specific weight of the state-run industry and business industry and privately owned work business took place the variety of root.1949 the middle of the years the male private proportion of the country industrial total output value BE, state-run have 43.8%, the privately owned has 56.2%, till September, 1952, state-run rises to 67.3%, the privately owned descends to 32.7%, state-run exceeded privately owned.Especially experienced "five anti-" to exercise, privately owned industry and business already through start bringing into to accept the orbit that the state-run economy leads.Circulate realm in the industry and the business in, a profoundly social change actually has been already started. The third variety BE, after land reform, the mutual aid cooperation in the village generally develop, and appears many with wholesale mac makeup the land join from partnership for agriculture Air Jordan 4 producers' cooperative and minority of collective farmses of main characteristics.After after soil change, a deeper of village production the change of relation, actually just at quietly rise. These three important social phenomenas, most arouse hair Ze east attention of, is the variety of industry and business industry male private proportion number.This obviously isn't a simple number problem, but social economic appearance already and just at continue to change of embody a concentrated reflection.But labor rate of production to say, as Jordan Retro 4 the state-owned company of the main composition of socialism economy, clearly championship in capitalism of private enterprise.At that time actual circumstance be so:The state-owned company is better than Mr. private match a camp of business enterprise, Mr. private match a camp business enterprise and surpass private enterprise. The hair Ze east has been valuing to make amount analysis to the social economic condition, and use this as the importance basis mac makeup wholesale that draws up policy and strategy.He at in total seven two medium plenary meeting




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