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have a dre headphones political activity

ts as basis, its method is divided into www.drebeatsheadphonesxo.com the whole society the rank of various oppositionses society because of with not and rather, the people resides for it concuss to fold, past the root of whiskers originally stop its class struggle.For this song turn a corner of four, week boon to made an exquisite explanation afterwards:this thing is a double pass of, because the Red Army changed name, can also say to is to cancel Red Army, but the Red Army still exists;Su's area changed name, can also say to is to cancel Su's area, but Su's area still exists.Is so-called to stop class struggle, stop communizing publicity, be forbid us to have a dre headphones political activity in the Kuomintang governance area.The week boon postby:08bkzhang comes to selected works , first volume, 194 pages, people 1980 version in publisher. Just because of this, hair Ze east at postpone to read in Anne's stone kiln hole the Kuomintang is five three in the document of plenary meeting, think substantially is progressive.Hair Ze east on March 6 to allow Bi of write a way in the telegram:three medium the plenary meeting confirm to negotiate smooth peaceful solution for great Xian on the law and become starting stopping civil war to resist enemy threats with peaceful reunification incorporation for consistent anti- day the new stage in the whole country moreover, in April 3 total center publicity the subordinate reach of internal document Kuomintang three medium after the plenary meeting our tasks (publicity outline) , write more definitely:Kuomintang three medium the plenary meeting is one to contain great significance meeting at to communist problem up-although blame us,put forward beats by dre four conditions, meaning can carry on a negotiation, at four of his conditions with we give three win the switching on electricity of plenary meeting is very approach in principle, therefore the country totally cooperates of the principle is to have been already made sure.Lead from in totally central document selected works , Volume 11, win totally central 1991 version in publisher in the party school. Four-part cent:Cooperate Jiang Jie Shi and hair Ze east to haggle once again However, this negotiation is also a turns and twists of affairs of, be full of to haggle "attend to wish together- week boon" negotiation monster beats in Xian, talk three matters:a is agree that the Red Army establishes an office in Xian;Two is a Red Army to reorganize to three teachers;Three the Kuomintangs have given relief to for Red Army military payroll since March.These three matters can talk and also calculate not easily.However, after all just some details are just. Even if is a small detail matter, but is also has been haggled some kind ofly. Attend to, t




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