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headphones national compatriot to beats by dre complete the

a "offend the shield of son by the pike of son", say:" since member of committee long say that two phrases don't have big differentiation, that uses a Kuomintang!" So, has been again and again learned by exchanging views, Kang Ze and thou of Bo are total country both parties' representatives, at declaration last label word.On September 21, postby:08bkzhang Jiang Jie Shi at the Nanking bore Xiang Xi dwelling, and Kang Ze, Zhang Chong and Bo thou and leaf the sword English made to talk and agreed to issue official statement. Next day, Kuomintang central correspondent difference usually announced Communist Party of China denounces for announcing a country totally cooperating , meant to formally announce a total cooperation of country:dear fellow citizens!Communist Party of China central committee sincerely with tremendous enthusiasm to I national elders brothers Zhou Gu sister:extreme in this national crisis serious, the race life alive or dead cuts off continuous of, we for wear save the Wei Wu of motherland, resist enemy threats in the peaceful reunification incorporation of foundation up, have already acquired an understanding with Kuomintang, totally leave for national crisis.This for we the great Chinese nation have how important meaning!Because everyone knows, at race life crisis thousand times of now, only we then the incorporation of race inner part can win an invading of Japanese doctrine again lead the first-September 23, in the Lu top of hill, Jiang Jie Shi announces Chen Bu Lei for of the conversation that denounces to Communist Party of China for ghostwriting is enounced with the tone occupying vantage pointing: for any local party groupings, as long as the sincerity saves a country, wish under the flag that citizen's revolution resist enemy to resist enemy threats fight together, government from have no the utmost sincerity accept, salty www.drebeatsheadphonesxo.com make concentration at this party leadership under, but unanimously make great effort.Communist Party of China person since renounce prejudice, confirm the importance of national independence and race benefits, we only hope it the sincerity is consistent, practice its declaration raise of a little bit various, hope it more at resist enemy threats to save Wu and unify conductor under, with contribute ability in nation, unanimously struggle with dre headphones national compatriot to beats by dre complete the mission of revolution.In fine, Chinese founding principle creates to make for the premier of San-minDoctrine, this is to have no can falter, have no can move easy Jiang Jie Shi's meaning is medium totally from now on"at this party leadership under", that is under his monster beats leadership.In this way, the country totally isn't an on an equal footing pol




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