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heavy rain in discount mac makeup outside clips snow

e discount mac cosmetics at lotus pit, lived in in totally underground party member it expensive in home, at last ate "beautiful meal"-cook of corn rice.Next day dawn, it cheap mac makeup expensively leads in under, they climbed mountain.That mountain is extremely steep, have a steep knoll hole-bee halfway up a hill hole.In the hole can live 4 people, rest of the person live below the hills of mountain Ao inside.Live postby:08bkzhang in 4 people in the bee hole and are an English, week son Kun and Huang truly and adjutant, Liu Hou Zhong, of the item English.(is also Liu Hou Zong)After living bottom, item English and week the son Kun sought some pebbles to make pawn, at a piece of rock top and bottom rise chess come.At this time, heavy rain in discount mac makeup outside clips snow in rain by going to.Around 11:00 night, they fallen asleep.Because hole the deep place is a bit damp, Huang truly lies at most in, then is outwardly and one by one in order lain down by the inside of is week son Kun and item English, Liu Hou Zhong.Is at break of day ex-, Huang is sleeping lousy familiar, suddenly ring out bang, bang two guns ring, he is waked up with a start.At this time, the together very clear hand lightning shines on on his face and makes him dim in vision confused, close behind, again ring a gun to shoot win his better arm, he collapsed and fainted past, don't know anything. Afterwards, Liu Kui climbed mountain, enter hole, just know Liu Hou Zhong revolts and kill an English and week son Kun, rend away money, sneak away.They see yellow truly of the heart be still jumping, lifted the mountain to him, the arrangement keeps wound at person of hometown house.Then, and then climb mountain, make the item transfering to another cave English and week the body of the son Kun, nationally party especially the work didn't find out their bodies.Until after new China establishes, their bodies are moved to bury Nanking rain flower set martyr wholesale mac makeup memorial park Huang truly of letter, just thoroughly uncover the inside story of dead of an English. Sixth part:The Wan south mutation Wan south the incident arouse Jiang Jie Shi and hair Ze east's theory war Wan south incident, related to a country to totally push a freezing point a while. The nitric smoke of Wan south didn'tyet dissipation, January 17, 1941, Jiang Jie Shi did one again big action, the history calls "1 17 orders".This day, Jiang Jie Shi formally to Wan south the incident draw a conclusion and publicly announced two messages.One is national government military committee concerning dismiss new four switching on electricity of soldierseses , with the tone of order type declare new four soldierses for rebellious troops, cancel its number.It two is national government military committ




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