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History using crazy Parker male king

at you bother him!"The Li Fu as if nothing has occurred sort says thus. Although history Parker stared the young girl of this half demon one eye,in fact as long as being the claim that the Ni thinks, oneself absolutely can't refuse. "If you would like to go together, I welcome very much."History Parker peeps out a smile to think a such answer to the Ni. "Thank you very much."The Ni thinks be like breath a sigh of relief a sort to press down a chest, then profoundly lowly after head. "History using crazy Parker male king!"At this time along with the nervous voice, the quite a few individual in a hurry walked into room. What"five D chief, and the cover pulls a gram " appears is to a few days ago and formally serve as a principality knight round and round long five Ds, and just just left the cover of room to pull a gram. Their 2 people after death, then the casual wear dresses up of Lai Nuo and moreover a few close Wei knights. "We controled the empire remaining confederates' trend.See to them intending to take the offensive Mr.s all."Five D awe the ground report thus. "Are Mr.s all?""Be a probably likely to be diversion " has present others, therefore the Lai Nuo specially notices to ownly say with the phrase ground. "Also probably pretend and take the offensive Mr.s all, actually target Lower price but is male his majesty king et al.""This need not worry.Want only my words for fighting nothing important diversion."History Parker starts to stand body to have much of vehemence shades and fashions ground to say. "Male his majesty king!"Five Ds of knight's chief turned angry face. However pull one persons like gram,etc but speech with cover to the Li Fu, but is the condition that early has been already predicted. "Words like this' visiting a route of travel will drop indiscriminately of and please here to hand over to at under."Although five Ds mean thus, history Parker immediately shook luminescent to shake head. "I certainly invite you to serve as forward.However can cross swords face to face with dark black knight's regiment, this can be treated as the first-time opportunity, I also hope to become its last time.Thus I can carefree go to visit a various country.Please send emissary such as solid of these words turn to reach to second pull Ni of second king."History Parker finishes saying so, then to public along with next reach the preparation that carries on attacking for him. "I take battle armor to come




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