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How do you instrument lookses do here

ole, the Qiang got tears direct current.We Puma Ferrari Shoes make the chairman take off shoe to postby:08bkzhang roast, chairman smiles to say, roasted dry or want wet of ah, not as like this as be dressed in like. When sky was big bright, we turned over a beam crest and got into farmland time gulf.Troops and Duo mules all at village head there is seek shelter from rain tree and wait for an order.The common people here all have been already transfered, more than 20 families, remains some all empty kiln holes. The comrade says while allowing Bi:The enemy also set out and left us to only have 2, 30 inside ground. The chairman says:Right here rest, work well to march to fight preparation!Chase warnning troops organization good, the enemy came, we immediately walked;Enemy agreeable time of past ditch, we live bottom.Make reference to here, to below the hills hope to watch from a distance to say:The enemy probably went toward public security direction. Probe to continuously come a report indeed as expected:Enemy the agreeable ditch is past!The enemy finished leading!The chairman says:Good!We live bottom. Immediately after, the chairman gave Wang Dong Xing the comrade to set out a task. The chairman says:You take 1 to connect, the tail makes track for an enemy, to postpone Anne to 1.You must call to don't sleep for enemy's two days and two nights to go just where!Your task has 2:Get to Zao park a to take to understand for a while the enemy's circumstance:All live where?To common people how?The common people that sees that again to take, have return to of have no, they have what difficulty, try to help solution.All the way you have to be mobile and vivid and run into a big enemy to walk and run into a small enemy to determinedly exterminate it! I definitely and determinedly complete a task!The Wang Dong Xing comrade says and then prepares to start.The chairman says again:Take a radio station, direct contact with us! Task decoration finish, the Wang Dong Xing comrade seemed to think of what, hesitate a long time just say:Chairman, I take 1 to connect too many?How do you instrument lookses do here? The chairman gently smiled, he held Wang Dong Xing 's the comrade's hand and firmly said:You trust go to, don't take care of me, I from Puma Shoes have a way.Stopping for a while, and then instructing is a , at the time that you came back, we probably left here and arrived where, can not also affirm, anyway can't leave Xia northern! Can't leave Xia north!These are the how emollient words.This sentence has already become symbolizing of our victory! The Wang Dong Xing comrade accepted a task, the whole setting




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