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Huo quickly issues beats by dre headphones order

tellar voyage nothing but brings back a few photographs, a few rocks, make people able to directly study the Earth outside of world, however now, reform Mars is to experiment at least, start. In the cockpit, the video-phone bell ring is rung out.Engineer Huo Qin the Qin press button. On the screen, a young men don't definitely hesitate to say: Engineer Huo discovers one thing What things, small? The good elephant is a satellite of crash 3025, open!Engineer Huo quickly issues beats by dre headphones order.They occupy vantage point ground to see the whole launch site now.BE rounding a Long a heap of person in its northwest, in breeze snow ground, the research hits the ground previous what things.The good elephant is a car that turns over to pour. I descend and see!The low voice of engineer Huo to say after the boon.You have to firmly stand by here, never literally leave and need not disturb them, either.He points to transport cabin and opens a door and went out. beats by dre Let the television be on after the boon.But breeze snow is more and more violent, ken badly, he around around sees people engaged in breeze snow just unclearly.Engineer Huo has already arrived that it is said that is the satellite of crash front of, bend the body to check, the appearance is very with concentration.But a person came over to pull him a , this is small, turn on duty the young man of room.Small fills to an engineer Huo what things.Ringing out suddenly is depressed, several not that loud and clear bottom gun voice! Think the necessarily second soldier also hears.He explored from transport the ship successful in career, ask: What happened matter? Put a hand after the boon.The video-phone bell rang again, this time is small Ling to turn on duty room another youth person is talking: The Shao is after the boon!The base discovers an enemy, engineer Huo orderanies you to firmly stand by in the airship.Sofa there is pistol under the chair and bear arms! Second soldier cleverly on jumping, explore a hand to underneath in the sofa, touch two very fine pistols.After came to embrace flower leopard to also come up, she flower once the leopard throw, rush to come over:Give me 1! Will you beat a gun?Don't wait an answer, the second soldier throws to her for the handle knob gun, oneself takes out 1 again, tries a machine head and is satisfied with that the ground smiled to smile. Don't know is what kind o




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