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into the store also finished singing

is appropriate, provided with postby:08bkzhang a radio station staff MAC Cosmetics Pro member, took a to pay intelligent and capable of armed, the tail makes track for an enemy,Does the Lang Ting shadow Bu compare Qiu Ao to forgive?Liu Kan takes much fourer trips and be like to have no a head a fly, always don't find out the trace of central organization, have to out of spirits go toward back to walk.The that troops of Wang Dong Xing comrade at the right moment chocks its tail, Liu Kan is feeling suspicious, he ten thousand unexpectatively will drill a Liberation Arm here.Have to flurried meet challenge to battle, throw Kui to unload A to roll a time to postpone Anne's city to go all the way. The neighborhood soon hearing that the Wang Dong Xing comrade is thorough to postpone Anne gathered 5, 6 to visit a shot brigade, launched a conflict with enemy and still helped common people to rob to accept several hundreds of wheats at the same time.The news spreads, chairman Mao praises to say:Extremely good, this time, accepting 100 loads of several wheats, is stiller useful than exterminating several hundreds of enemies!Led for half month, the Wang Dong Xing comrade completed a task, the victory returned.We all go to he offers congratulation, everyone happily jokes.I MAC Cosmetics say:You came back, "the empty city accounts" into the store also finished singing!The Wang Dong Xing comrade oddly asks:How?I say:Protect party the center and chairman Mao of, only so a few soldiers, you still take a connect.If you don't come back again, don't say to fight, even set up patrol to also have difficulty!The Wang Dong Xing comrade says with smile:You wear what hasty ah!Heel chairman Mao together, not just steady like Mount Taishan!Remember the stone wall that postpones river bank up engrave "chest in from have A soldier 100,000", in the chairman chest not only A soldier 100,000, but chest in from have mighty army 1,000,000.Take this sentence to compare our great leaders, is that just much to the point!Don't see our person Be getting less, how strong enemy, take the thought of chairman Mao and then can vanquish it!Four-part cent section 87 Yan the long wood recall Xia north war(3) Brook village, according to mountain alongside water, drive one the verdant forest surround.Won a totally central organization to stay to halt for five days in the farmland time gulf, return to here again. The harvest time is very quick past.In those days, the chairman works special strain, almost hold a meeting together with the chiefs every day, study a problem.A day, the chairman suddenly puts forward, is going to village to o




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