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is dry to lead an at reason MAC Makeup of matter,

is dry to lead an at reason MAC Makeup of matter, in addition to that matter be regarded as exception, that be since the attitude is calm and steady, and then old unashamedly wove blue color arrowhead of without basis marking is this code matter.Is at present brilliant-definite crest Wa Wa, just at present, just saved us one life.If not that at present, they early close us in the custody center, wait until British's baggage carry the processing of making the end-that is to sit a jail, this I can make a bet with you!Was exactly this extraordinary plan to lead them to graveyard to go, that bag gold coin was also the great favour that helped us.Because if not that the simpleton of those concussions loose opened their hand, surged forward to left for to see one eye, that we tonight ascend afraid will take big bow tie sleeping-this big bow tie still promise through long enduring, can we as long as take last time over." Point noose. Their stopping in a short while don't talk-BE thinking worry-the king said a word and imitated the shape that the Buddha has a little son absence of mind later on. "Hum, can is our still thinking those Negro slaves to steal!" This can call me anxious all of a sudden! "Yes, " duke says that voice deep and low, intention deeply long, take the flavor of sarcasm."We think so." Probably half minute after, king slow voice the slow spirit ground say: "At least-I think so." The duke said using the same tune: "Not exactly, -I just think so." The discount mac king annoys to shout that the ground says: "Listen to I say and finish a strange Walt, you is this what mean?" The duke answers pretty simply benefit Suo: "Speak this, probably should be asked you for a while by me, are you what mean?""Hiss!"The king says pretty much sarcasm. "But I really don't know-probably you were asleep, even you do by yourself of what matter, you also had no idea?" The duke at present can become angry, he says: "Hey, don't speak this useless talk-are you an arrant fool to me?You have to thought of, I know is who hide money in the coffin?" "Yes, Sir, I know that you are knowing-because of is you do by yourself of!" "Tell a lie!"Duke dynasty he rushed toward pass by.The king loudly calls a way: "The handle knob releases!-Do not bl




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