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island in Mac Foundation river and the social

hant wood carving clay Mac Eyeshadow figure, two eye pupils that always is all brightly lose sheen, only from a pair of hands that tightly wrings to twist together, you just can feel his heart bearing with how violent pain-suffering.The Yue orchid tightly leans against Shao son Anne, silently, two eyes are satisfied to contain radiant tears. The another head of in retiring room, sits commander in chief Lu Jian in astronautics bureau and public security official's troops together government Wei.The Lu Jian is a statures not high, the old staff of activity quick in action, already 60 open outside, but didn'tyet the appearance of one silk decrepitude.He is silent, the brain nervously considers.He 18 years old three soldiers, the first battle is jewelry island in Mac Foundation river and the social imperialism's tank to contest in black Su.He the Pu Fu once went forward in the river noodles kept in deep freeze, under the gunfire that enemy violent paid to get be deep-fried can not move of enemy tank.This is really a rigorous test!At that time, the weather was colder than now, conflict still had to be harsh than now, but the Lu Jian return at that time just 1 had no to fight empirical of new soldier.Now, the temples are like frost, not only on the battlefield, in negotiating Mo, is dealing with a permeating of enemy and subversion and invade of in the threat, he has already become 1 to be a veteran warrior, conductor if settle of old will.However in front but is a new conflict:Modern science technical conflict. Report!Small came in, voice's adjusting was also deep and low.The enemy's instruction has already translatesed! Together the government Wei once connected a to fold paper and let small go out, then folded the paper to this and handed over to Lu Jian.The Lu Jian didn't answer, but ordered.Together government Wei hence start to read about that these recorded. The Lu Jian stands up.Slowly the Deng arrives a window side.Blizzard has been already weakened, still bright on the launch site search-light, shine on an all empty blast-off.War, war who say that the world is heading for mitigation?Still is a Wu I of the heart is deathless, just today's China, no longer reply is in those early years on the jewelry island, depended on anti-tank hand thunder and warrior of brave hard dozen hard put together of China.The war adopted more concealment, can also say more deluxe form, this is a technical war to do




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