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its aggressive human life aspect

ess meeting period the center problem and make formal conclusion, is beneficial and necessity" these words is also what chairman Mao pluses this time.This first problem , after the modification of chairman Mao, basically is afterwards a history to resolution of second parts of contentses.His part as to it's, chairman Mao this time change dynamically isn't a lot of.Third the part section 70 beard tall tree recalls "seven big"(3) Change a pure piece of copying of draft in the first time up, chairman Mao carried on to modify for the second time.This modification is main to increase some words postby:08bkzhang with amount of to the evaluation top that the second problem involves some important affairses on the party history and person.Such as to party of six emphasized its correct aspect greatly and further, point out:Later"left" Qing thought chiefly not from six big come of, contrary, disobeyed six greatly basic policies.For six three medium plenary meetings and it latest center was latest to affirm its aggressive human life aspect, and point out it for signs false thought of the "left" Qing of three routes substantial and equal time have of some"left" Qing the false policy have never taken into to clear up accounts of weakness and mistake.For six four medium the plenary meeting fight the serious mistake of so-called"rightists" to take into to emphasize further and point out:Four medium plenary meetings in addition to excessively the stroke make to sign three route false comrade and Puma Shoes by mistake fought so-called make to temper route of the comrade of mistake, also very by mistake fought at that time the all comrade of so-called rightists.Chairman Mao still writes a way:In fact, at that time the rightists of the anti- party, is with Luo chapter dragon for head of very few Puma Ferrari Shoes counted several individuals.As for majority of so-called right-wing comrades, how the important staff of dream male, Lin Yu Nan, and Li Qiu Shi...etc. more than ten parties, they were parties to once do with people a lot of beneficial works and have good contact with crowd, although they for three in plenary meeting of the center adopted a false attitude.Immediately after and soon, these more than ten comrades are arrested by the enemy.But these comrades are strong unyielding in enemy's in front and die a martyr's death and expressed the hero bearing of proletariat, this kind of deeply moving record of events of theirs, grow to stay in the whole party comrade's heart.These words at later of the resolution change draft in basic protected to stay, and constantly got an enrichment and perfect.Th




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