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Jie Shi is long don't monster beats by dre

to big leaf's pneumonia.In mid- January, 1972, hair Ze east suddenly the shock Be rescued by doctor, this is just out of the woods-this is what he has never had from cradle to the grave. At that time, week boon to arrive after hearing the news, nervous get for a long time bottom not car. Is also positive because the hair Ze east suffers from big leaf's pneumonia, the phlegm is a lot of.So meet a Ni gram at him loose photograph up, will so in relief appear that spittoon at the his feet side. The hair Ze east fully is irritated for"Lin Biao's affairs" deeply being irritated, Jiang Jie Shi then because radicle Xin Ge and Ni gram loose interview Peking, United Nations buming out Taiwan to represent again but. Also Jiang Jie Shi suffer from old-age sex disease at this time, namely the prostate gland is burning.In March, 1972, Jiang Jie Shi began.From now on turn into chronic prostate gland to blaze didn't expect, have been tormenting monster beats him.From now on, his body is getting worse and worse. In 1972, January, hair Ze east shock;In Marchary, Jiang Jie Shi performs operation;But arrived in May, usually the body is quite good and work every day the week boon for more than 14 hours, in the routine physical examination, discover to suffer from cancer!The week boon comes in"Cultural Revolution", the spirit suppresses Yu, with river green for head of"4 people help" continuously torment him and make him continuously be irritated.Thus, in the first half of monster headphones year 1972, the hair Ze east, Jiang Jie Shi and week boon come at the same time"from old but disease"!Inside, week boon come the youngest, he is more eastern than hair Ze 5 years younger, 11 years younger than Jiang Jie Shi.However, 3 people in, week boon come of the disease is the most heavy. Their 3 people falls sick at the same time, in addition to because ascend age, and then respectively have respectively the spirit incitement-hair been subjected to Ze east because of"Lin Biao's postby:08bkzhang affairs", Jiang Jie Shi defeats because of the diplomacy, week boon come because of"4 people help" interference.The spirit incitement is a paroxysm catalyst. In July, 1972, Jiang Jie Shi also arouses pneumonia because of catching a cold, eastern with hair Ze of the disease is just about, have to live into veteran general hospital in Taipei."The house leaks to be partial to meet continuous rain".Jiang Jie Shi's car the branch road outside Shihlin, Yangmingshan up, and then meet a surprised traffic accident.Thus, Jiang Jie Shi is at the hospital on living, stayed for a year and zero 4 months. Because Jiang Jie Shi is long don't monster beats by dre appear, the beats by dre headphones external world suspects Fen to rise to him.Road rumours:"Jiang Gong's disease heavy, can not see a




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