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Jordan Retro to take the table of in front up

are and precious a certain feather bird to imitate Buddha Ao to sign Fu, from his remarkable artistic skill ground beat down of similar."Young lady to don't see one eye?" "To see be not now either" the young girl answers a way, "pitiful guy.Oh.To he like 1:00, Kai Er department, see in my cent up." Talked a person to turn round to walk, the old servant lifted an eye to stare at her, that expression of eyes is again proud applause again, seem she is her own kid similar.Immediately after he the dynasty Ao sign the body in Fu Gong and take a female sort of meticulous and warmhearted help to lift him to go upstairs. This is an elegant of room(though the indoor display to take the comfortable style of having the old parties, not elegant modern imposing style), flourishing breakfast has been already welled put, the dining table sits two Ms. Weis beside.Kai Er department the Sir is meticulous, wear complete set black full dress, wait upon them.He settles his own position a certain place-body between the cutlery and the dining table stand straight, head backward Yang wear, inching side to part, before acrossing, the left leg's right hand puts in the vest, the left hand grips a tray and stick at nearby-know on seeing that this is a person who is the best toward own value and the important position felling. Among two Ms. Weis there is advanced in age one.However she the waist plank is straight, sit with her of that makes the Gao Bei oak chair having one ratio can.She is dressed in extremely fashionable careful, some small concessions marvellously crumpled in to taste to the vogue on the old type clothing, not only have no Sun at the style, on the contrary outstanding the effect of the old parties style.She air solemn, the hands are crossed Air Jordan Retro to take the table of in front up, 1 pair the slightest also has no become obscure eyes to concentrate on because the years passes 1 ground stare at to sit at the same table of Air Jordan young young lady. This young lady's brilliance shines on a person, proper young age, if really having an angel to take orders is god's of the fine will come down to earth to bear again, we can need not to worry to besmirch spirit ground to guess, they will also be like her so the youth is wonderful. She doesn't arrive 17 years old, can say a born beauty, the shape Xian is quiet high-class, clean and pure and charmingly feminine, the material life seems originally not is her to dwell of ground, several vulgar things of also not is her the same kind.The smartness gleams in her that deep and blue eyes, display at she noble of forehead up, this kind of smartness she this age or say to seem to be very rare in the world here.However, that looks ten thousand square of the gentleness is understanding, that illuminates the whole face, didn't leave the slightest thou




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