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Li Ji dre headphones Shen

economics meeting obtains.When meeting would soon end, August 11, week boon Jordan 13+max to tally up a report.This report is through hair Ze the east modification final text, it loaded in the hair Ze east more complete description concerning transitional period total route.The meeting wins totally each city interborough party Wei to be immediately carry on informing and lead to widespreadly develop education of total route in the staff in the senior high school class after ending. On September 8-11, the standing committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference will hold the 49th-time extension meeting, the special subject discusses total route of transitional period and economic development problem. Meeting of a day, September 7 ago, hair Ze east invitation Chen Shu Tong, Huang Yan Pei, Li Ji dre headphones Shen, Li Zhu Chen, chapter Bo Jun and prosperous Pi China, distance Qian and piece cured in, Fu's making a righteousness, chapter is a machine the conference is at the Yi year hall and elaborated on cheap dre headphones the policy policy that Communist Party of China carries on a socialism reformation to the capitalism industry and business industry at the transitional period to them. Mao Ze Dong says:"There is more than three years of experience, have been able to affirm:After national capitalism completion's socialism reformation for privately owned work business, it is sounder policy and way.The policy of"" common outline Article 31 should definitely get up and gradually embody now.Is so-called'definitely get up', is to say in the brains of the leadership person of the center and place, affirming first the national capitalism is to reform a capitalism industry and business industry and gradually complete the only route of socialism transition.This regardless at communist and democracy personage, haven't attained, this time purpose of meeting, should attain this.""Practice national capitalism, not only want to be according to needing with possibility(common outline ), but also want to proceed from capitalist voluntarily, because this is the business of cooperation, since being a cooperation can not force, this and different to landlord." He still talked reform to the socialism of mostly conceive:"Is steady to go forward, not ability too hasty.National privately owned postby:08bkzhang industry and business the industry basically(not everything) lead national capitalism orbit and need 3-5 years at least, consequently should not take place to vibrate and uneasy.""As for complete the whole transitional period, then include to basically complete industrialization in the na




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