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el very suffered on the body, he can not force to keep Qian letter any further the quite mood of Shinto.The prisoner that wears grain clothes continues to push these men toward inside."Vacate some places!Vacate some places!The men all go toward the inside!"He is cannot stop tightly pushed to get fed up with gluing a cold wet skin than his tall big person at those up, this felling's loving most a cheap mac makeup detergent person to one is embarrassed;He can feel their soft genitals of wind up Ceng in his body.By this time the women also came in, although of Ai Lun the voice that can listen to them.Once he see in the past, it is those to exert tightly pushed to come over on all sides toward him of naked of body.Some kids loudly cry to shout, the women Ying Ying having sobs, occasionally can hear several despair miserably number from the password voice of distance German.In addition still hear many women's voice:Have of at coax them of kid, have of at receive them of husband. These people are more crowded more tight, hero Si especially Luo's panic got up.He can not overcome he.He always fears crowded crowd at ordinary times, frightened be trampled by them or stuffy dead.He completely can not move, can not see, almost can not breathe, the ozone that smells athletics the indoor be clipped by the naked stranger from the on all sides in the middle, tightly crowded to a have hole of icy cold of iron post front of, coincidentally stand on an electric light underneath, a person's arm elbow tightly arrives underneath at his chin and fiercely brings about his head upward, that light keeps projects light upon on his face. The light suddenly puts out.The whole indoor sinks into one dark.From the room distance, hear heavy bang ground in door a close, definitely immediately after is iron to put to sell to turn and twist tight sharpen of the voice of Zhi Zhi.In the most generous room, rang out an one sad number voice.In the sad number voice, hears a terrible point fiercely bellow:"Poisonous gas!Poisonous gas!Poison to death us!, The absolute being greatly delivers mercy!Poisonous gas!" The Ai Lun smelt that smell, mightiness of, strong must make the smell that people suffocate, is like a disinfectant, but far more severe postby:08bkzhang than that smell.It is from that iron post in let out to come.The smell that the first jet comes out is irritable, be like to burn red of the sword keep a sting the lung is into him inside, shock his whole body, painful get he all over discount mac makeup keep having muscular spasms.He tries very hard to from the post front of go toward to side hide, but don't use.Darkly win is one the disorder and terror that hears miserably a number voice.He urgently breathes heavi




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