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Lu Jian stands on Mac Lipstick retiring room the center and stretched

zen forerunner.Certainly, the enemy didn't completely succeed, but the eastern number ratio schedules to shoot time a week in advance, and in pack of is not already either to train for two years, just at the whole pilot who pack due-out, but three youth persons who haven't experienced life rains and winds Lu Jian Pie Shao son Anne's one eye.He pretty much understands him.The total engineering is handsome to meet a dual disaster:Lost eastern number, and then lost a pair of childrens.Although is a hard man, , these two heavy strokes His mama is really cruelty!Together government Wei angry the ground fold the paper to that and throw on the tea side-table, two eyes project the ray of light of stabbing the person.He is an appearance to seem to be a still very young old soldier, love to play ball to also love to write poem in normal times, but at the moment, he all over binds profound exasperation of 1 F. Discuss!The Lu Jian stands on Mac Lipstick retiring room the center and stretched out two big hand Luns half turn.Always introduce introduction for Shao, how break the bowl to one and throw from the neighbor first we inside in the yard beginning Shao total, you are good friends with good to listen, as a rocket engineer Shao son Anne canned not see clearly a ground of tiny Han Han head. Together the government Wei is from the cigarette case of tea side-table in took a smoke, lighted fire, ruthlessly absorbed Mac Lipgloss an one mouthful, look around each person in the retiring room with a pair of eyes with red. This is superficially a real man-made satellite, really is crash is because of snow blizzard The orbit that is artificial satellite far far at atmosphere on.The commander in chief interrupts to say. Yes, but somebody else can say, while recalling this satellite, we meet the interference of breeze snow, just the crash is in your territories.This is the influence of bad weather, anyones are all needless to be responsible for bad weather. But this blizzard, three days ago forecast!The Yue orchid low voice says. Yes and together the government Wei settles Jing Chou to wear a member orchid.Problem BE, we can not judge satellite to when shoot. Finding out time didn't also use.The commander in chief is cold to say with smile.Can you also have a lawsuit with him?The war is a war, all is fair in war, the big-nosed is this set of us aren't for the first time either to accept. G




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