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mac makeup but resumes

ed offensive to keep on for two weeks, from mid- December until Christmas after.The American remembers the the clearest, was a matter that the general hears the German asking for surrender to say a "bedlamite!"Is some more according to actually keep reporting of Xu BE:The German Army's dead and injured number is 100,000, the dead and injured number of allied troops is 75,000, both parties all lost a great deal of weapon.Temporarily the allied troops of west line Cu cannot compares with to defend, mac makeup but resumes advantage later on.The result is unlucky of be still Germany.Among his a few hes and persons, Hitler jubilantly speaks of "already at west the line instauration is active".But from now on he never and publicly talks or appears again. Ascend offensive breakup, hence the big gun of Russian bellows all the way from Baltic push forward Ba Qian Shan of Ka Er.Is horizontal through Poland, the Red Army intruded into a giant industrial complex building and prisoner concentration camp in the Ao Si Wei Xin, a Chinese family name, the prisoner contain there postby:08bkzhang most likely already run empty, leave of Be just a few in rags and on the brink of death persons, they point out some explode after of ruins, originally all of those places are Fen corpses stove, already have several 1,000,000 people be killed by the secret over there.The matter that the Russian front and up takes place seldom publishes on the newspaper of California.Even if have to this type ofly report, doing obeisance the Lun didn't also see. In less than four weeks, Russia soldier has already followed Ao the river-Nice river front line is thorough virtuous territory, the some places leaves in Berlin 80 miles.Their onrush several 100 after the mile, temporarily come to a stop to add to keep.Hence Hitler re- gathers his big parts of troops, the Cang Cu enters hair to the east, with the result that west line is of emptiness.The moxa Sen Hao Wei the troops of the Er have after"bulged the service of district" has already completely resumed real strenght, was just preparing strong Du Rhine and launched once at that time and Russian equally strong offensive.Now is seen, that madly transfers number less and less troops, horizontal through Germany, from east to west, then return to east, probably seem to be ridiculous, however in the first half of year 1945, at three empire domestic, but those are a military with important influence transfer and railroad conveyance.It affirmation prolonged the day of people's distress. To European war situation of these turn into and do obeisance Lun pro MAC Makeup to almost know not a thing.He knows more of is still the warfare of Pacific Ocean.However, speak Michael




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