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MAC Makeup White the ice immediately

misty of consciousness focuse again, he stares the double eye of great shock to stare at white ice. He how can anyone know these?This matter is most placed in the well of secret the bottom carry, is hidden medium of hidden, this person who know in the world doesn't more than 4 plus he or she! "Who are you ?!"He opened mouth for the first time. The white ice smiles to say:"I just once introduced myself and was just a common run of people, but open of tell you, I not only only is to know a lot, and I know everything, or say what can know, positive because this they also want to remove me and remove you for the elephant similar." Cheap MAC Makeup White the ice immediately after keep on speaking:" The chief sat at that time of left you very near, a hand is put your knee up, he followed you closely of the kindly vision can make an any younger generation touched, as I see it(remember, I know everything) he whom never express like this become intimate with, he says to you:The young man don't be nervous, everyone is a comrade, what is up, as long as sincerity of always talk with the heart heart transplant open of you have thought, have ability and have sense of responsibility and mission consciousness, especially behind two, true in the young staff in nowadays such as the pure spring in the desert similar and precious, this is also the reason that I favor you, from your body, I sawed the shadow that I was young.Want to explain here for a while, the chief this time words may be sincere, you wasn't too many with the opportunity of his association, Wholesale MAC Cosmetics but had some times, occasionally met on the hallway in the organization mansion in the work before, or after meetinging adjourned, he fell into conversation with you on his own initiative several, he seldom with bottom class, especially young bottom class so of, these people all saw in the eye.Although organization meeting up he never once said for you what rubbish, those carriage of his to your official career is to have very your work is used." Sung truly orders again, he knows these, and ever deeply grateful, has been wanting that the opportunity to seek recompenses. The chief raised a hand to signal hint backward for a while and immediately came in a person and lightly put a big Luo material to in the table, you definitely noticed, that person isn't a chief secretary at ordinary times.The chief fondles that Luo material to say:Say that you




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