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makeup to die and always cringing

arious impulses that control him here a don't take willing to wound compliment to live, he isn't only and never entered by book to go in any specially troublesome or unlucky affair, on the contrary get to extremely and sincerely worship and esteem highly there from all persons who know him.Is practical and realistic to speak, at present he is to have some animation, have 12 minutes time to feel disappointment, he really wants to get hold of to sign Fu life experience to really slice evidence concerning the Ao, which know the first one opportunity for meeting ended up in nothing.However, he soon resumed normal again, discovered that the Ao signs Fu while replying his/her own ask still honesty, fit together before or after, obviously was open with one sincerity formely.He makes a decision, the from now on completely believes his words. Because the Ao signs Fu to know street that Brown Mr. Luo lives, they can shine on to keep arriving to go there.The wagon folded into that street, his heart violently sprang up and almost breathed heavily however annoy. "Say, my kid, is which the house?"Luo Si Mr. Bo Li ask a way. "That.That."The Ao signs a Fu part answer, part urgent from the car window inside to outside point out."That white house.E, quick.Open to hurry up.I feel I making discount mac makeup to die and always cringing on the body." "Arrive, arrive."The doctor of good heart clapped to clap his shoulder and said, " you are about to see them right away, they see you safely have no matter, affirmation will the pleased hope outside." "E!I hope so!"The Ao signs Fu to loudly say, " they are really good to me, very very good." The wagon opens forward to, stop next.Isn't this house not, next door be.The car opened several steps again and re- stopped down.The Ao signs a Fu title to hope those windows, a few drop of tears are satisfied to contain happiness of the expectation roll underneath cheek. Sky!The house in white is all empty, stick 1 to recruit to stick on the window window:It is "for-rent". "The door that knocks a neighbor sees."Luo Si Mr. Bo Li loudly say, the part Wan lives the arm that the Ao signs Fu."You know or not and lived on Brown Mr. Luo of the next door in the past where have been already gone to?" The neighbouring wholesale mac makeup housemaid doesn't know that only wish the idea returns to try and ask.She the different meeting came back and said six weeks ago, Brown Mr. Luo has already sold a product and arrives Reggae islands to go.The Ao signs Fu 10 cross, body hereafter one Yang, the Tan pours in the ground. "Did his servant also walk?"Luo Si Mr. Bo Li hesitated for a while and asked a way. "Yes, Sir, " housemaid answers that"old Sir, servant, there is also a friend whom the gentleman is Brown's Mr. Luo, all together walk." "That turns around to go home, " Luo Si Mr. Bo Li say




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