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method that you wholesale mac thought of

again again at present to use?Your connecting the Jiangs that listens to your words all has already not done to come out.Hurt and then have to accept defeat to win under, is like the animal that is grasped have to the darling be eaten up similar."The card pulls the side alignment stairs, part to this Luo virtuous Si island the district magistrate farewell finally. "This is the Ma method to teach yours?I don't believe this set of.Hear the strength of the Ma method is specially strong on the Luo's virtuous Si island, however I pour have never discovered."Ba En of Sa Lu totally unconcerned says. "Anyway literally you, I have my own existence method, I don't hope in the future take place once again like this pathetic big breakage.""Does the card pull you to make it?Still say your head up that I have never seen of is the headdress the method that you wholesale mac thought of?I hope from the bottom of the heart that sum decoration can't be you the work finally""after the card pull heel pretty the clan battle but die, and controled to kill ownly and pretty a clan warrior to leave last city in the lake of heading for the perdition."Finished saying this story, the Lei Li was second to looking at public. "Just said of there are a few very important places in the story.We can know the card pulled to is the sorcery teacher discount mac cosmetics that was good at to give the magic the object while was living, also knew some concerning ancient Kingdom period Luo the last district magistrate in the virtuous Si island of affair.This person will named after'the Mi treasure of district magistrate'of the treasure thing hand over to 5 to fly toward Luo everywhere ancient dragon in the virtuous Si island, these five ancient dragons will through his entire life serve as the guardant of the treasure of district magistrate Mi due to being tied up by powerful sorcery check and supervision.""This I once heard and had already had numerous adventures of birdbrains for the sake of the Mi treasure sacrifice own life of district magistrate, cheap mac makeup and they are all very veteran adventures.In addition to being been enemies with them by the brave outside discount mac makeup the ability of no one for electing as, therefore no one can acquire the district magistrate Mi that they own treasure."What to talk is a rare Li silk.Listen to her tone not to feel that she is fearing, on the contrary can feel to get her having greed to want to acquire the Mi treasure of district




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