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modification human life draft to again

re, finally at hair Ze east the comrade lead under, the first time comes to an on the thought, on political and on the organization thus of consistent and united!This wants a victorious party, is any party that the strength can postby:08bkzhang not win!"The third problem exclusively analyzes the mistake of the third-time"left" Qing route and changed the draft in past from thought up, political up, military up, organization ascend four carry on describe of write a method, what comrade induced suggested the opinions of key link type but launched treatise at 7:00 while basically saying Bi before.To this problem, smell a sky, comrade made a more writing modification.Smell a sky, comrade's modification draft provided a better foundation to the later history resolution. Smell a sky, comrade once modifies of the draft, use 16 the paper opening copy pure hereafter have 46 pages, about have 13,000 words.This"copy a pure piece" has the fourth, the fifth problem, also topic.Front a few comrades drafted draft and modification human life draft to again and again whet half year many.Arrive this"copy a pure piece", big way of thinking and structure and form resolutioning concerning the history basically managed out.Since the spring of Puma Shoes 1945, chairman Mao begins to carry on a modification in person on this"copy a pure piece".See from the material checking currently, he took part in to change 7 times at least. Modify for the first time, chairman Mao changes to concerning some historical problems of resolution(drafted plan) the topic concerning four in the plenary meeting go to the Zun righteousness meeting period the center to lead a route problem of decision(drafted plan) on "copy a pure piece".From smelt a sky, comrade modified of the draft involved of contents to see, this is to match actual.The topic that the history resolutions from now on also settled down, dided not correct the mistakes again.Chairman Mao changes morely to"copy a pure piece" first problem and added to write many words.Afterwards the history resolutions up of"solidify a whole party's comrade like an in peace and harmony family, like the steel of a cake of fastness similar, struggle for wearing to acquire war against Japan thoroughly victory and Chinese people's complete liberation but" this sentence, be plus this time.Just"thoroughly" two words, chairman Mao wrote a turn and dropped, "complete" two wordses add afterwards.The meaning of"is particularly six for some historical problems inside the parties inside this decade four medium the plenary meeting go to the leadership Puma Ferrari Shoes route of the Zun righteousn




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