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monster beats the capitalist in the center carries

tion, basically complete to the agriculture and to the socialism reformation of the handicraft industry and the capitalism work business, then be not can accomplish for 35 years of, but need a few time that five years plan.On postby:08bkzhang this problem, since the thought wanted to oppose long time off, and then want to oppose to be anxious to emit into of thought." He criticized 2 kinds to be partial to and said:"Some capitalists keep a very big distance to the nation, they still don't change only benefit is the thought of diagram;Some workers went forward too quickly, heDisallow capitalist beneficial can get.We should carry on education to people of this both side and make they the policy policy of the gradually(fighting for is possibly quicker) suitable nation, even if the privately owned industry and business of China industry basically for the country accounts people's livelihood service, partly is strive for benefit for the capitalist-so walk to go to the orbit of capitalism in the nation."He still puts forward:"Need to be continued monster beats the capitalist in the center carries on patriotism education, is great and would like to close to with the communist and the people government for this needing having plan ground and developing one part of taste of, the forerunner's capitalist, in order to pass by them and persuade big parts of capitalists." At speak of privately owned business problem, he definitely means:"Privately owned business may also with practice national capitalism, impossible with'expel'two words it.This aspect experience less, still the beard studies." Should invite to take part in this meeting of is all democracy party groupings and the famous personage of industrial and commercial monster headphones circles.On the eve in large-scale social change, hair Ze one of the east talks and dredges thought for them and gets rid of a worry, this for pushed forward a socialism cheap beats headphones reformation business beats headphones to make importance thought to prepare. On September 25, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference national committee at celebrate the People's Republic of China to establish the slogan in year is on all sides in, formally released transitional period total route to the people of the whole country. Transitional period total route the east put forward first step to conceive on September 24, 1952 from the hair Ze formal announcement, livelong one year.The transitional period total route contains the process of ferment and formation, informing of total route and publicizee to also have a process that gradually extends scope.In the center after national finance an




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