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national cheap beats headphones government

ately vigorous, 100 diseases all have no and rush through into Hangzhou.Hence, these two many in the last yearses are with each other the tycoons of rivals, in the Cheng Lu all night secretly talk, "meeting is very happy".This time secretly talk, change"Jiang Wang resists" as"Jiang Wang's alliance".News not Jing and walk, the beard man people annoys slanting nose-because the Wang, beard has secret agreement previously, 2 people unite anti-, who also not and alone secretly talk.At present, Wang abandonned a beard, beard also decision only dint and and Wang resist.And Wang holds hands and returns to a Nanking.On January 28, 1932, Wang Jing Wei takes over Sun Ke, serves as administration director Yuan of national cheap beats headphones government and manages a government work;On March 6, Jiang Jie Shi comes out again, serving as military committee the member of committee is long and the military staff officer department chief of staff, control military power.From now on, people change to call "member of committee is long" to Jiang Jie Shi.From now on, the Kuomintang formed "Jiang Wang's system" of maintaining several years and formed the structure and form of"Jiang Zhu Jun, Wang governs, and Wang is common lord party".Beard man people then at two widely manage the southwest of the Kuomintang performance department, keep the status of half independence with and Wang, but after all lost site in the center.In the , Jiang Zhang Bing's right of , beats headphones Wang, real strenght better than Wang at in total party inside, the conflict is also rather vigorous:Serve another term five total secretary of Chen only show, because of rightist elements opportunism mistake, come off stage on July 12, 1927;Ju of replacing autumn white, again because the "left" Qing is blind to monster beats by dre move mistake but come off stage;Taking over Ju postby:08bkzhang is white for autumn of Lee sign three and made "left" Qing adventure mistake but encounter judgment;On January 7, 1931, at in total six four medium plenary meeting up, because of communist international representative rice man of support, his satisfied pupil king clearly control medium total the center leadership power, and then start practicing "left" Qing dogmatism this is right three"left", toss about medium total, walk Ma Deng make changes in leader, only show from Chen, Ju autumn white, sign three to loyalty hair and Lee, the king arrive Bo clearly thou February 28, beats by dre headphones 1933, Jiang Jie Shi announced tell a total party book , with the tone of Ji Qiao, mentioned to contend for in the total party infighting:"China from had communist, don't among the false route there is no momentary moment."15 years and 16 years(lead to note:Here point republic beginning of a reign, namely in 1926,




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