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neck there and carry puma shoes on the back always line

n day by the assertion of "meekly accept humiliation" the whole request however, dark inside, the hair Ze east again and again sends one airtight make, go to city in Xian inside.The leaf sword English is 1 line, would be inside importance of airtight make."Groom" leaf the sword English arrive at Xian and shake once the body change and became "Mr. Wu" and lived into a pieceThe thistle Wa hard text that does the Juan accidentally suppress small ?Second part:The backstage is airtight to make hair Ze eastern, Chang Hsueh-liang's has hot-line In 1992, the writer went and saw "history old man".-Spread densely thin 1 F on the head of circle circle of Sun Ming Jiu white is short to deliver, statures not Gao but shoulder very breadth, sit a head, neck there and carry puma shoes on the back always line, although already 80 have four, still one parties soldier's poise.In his living room, see hang a few leaves in the wall a sword English commander-in-chief in 1979 and he is in shadow in matching of Shanghai. Sun Ming Jiu is Chang Hsueh-liang's confident.In 1990, someone asks Chang Hsueh-liang the general, if he is heavy to visit a mainland, sees what person.Chang Hsueh-liang then mentioned Sun Ming Jiu first.In August, 1991, silent several years of Chang Hsueh-liang accepts the external world interview for the very first time in a hotel in Taipei-facing the sun origin the K television station director postby:08bkzhang long the well Xiao related in those early years puma shoes sale frustrated process.Henceforth soon, long the well Xiao come to Hu and projected the videotape of covering Chang Hsueh-liang for Sun Ming Jiu, and say:"General piece concerns your circumstance very much."Sun Ming 91 sides see record Discount MAC Cosmetics image, part hot the tears maneuver Sun Ming was born at new people's county in Liaoning on January, 9,190813.(belong to sun City now)The past days reported up, write "Sun Ming Jiu".I start to ask him to how can change name, he says home school the teacher call "clearly long"s for him, the younger brother calls "clear Chang".Afterwards he goes to Japan and changes to "the Ming is long".After new China establishes, Ke Qing Shi is mayor in Shanghai MAC Cosmetics Pro City and hire him as city government three matters, write into "Sun Ming Jiu" on that letter of appointment, from now on also like this follow keep on using. Sun Ming Jiu is originally military instructor in Zhang Xue Ming's under charge of Tienjin.Zhang Xue Ming is Chang Hsueh-liang's younger brother, Sun Ming Jiu then Zhang Xue Ming's classmate.In 1931, Chang Hsueh-liang serves as Kuomintang flood and field air force pair the commander in chief Be left for Beiping by Tienjin from the Nanking.The parties Sun Ming Jiu of Zhang Xue Ming escorts elde




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