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not Puma Shoes to cheap jordans the center hint case make the

eau meeting up, the hair Ze east listenned to the negotiation strategy that the week boon comes very cautiously.Week boon to put forward, with Jiang Jie Shi's negotiation, should"concede on the small problem but beg beneficial solution on the great problem".The hair Ze east very applauds the boon in week come of the negotiation strategy.In postby:08bkzhang fact, this strategy is week boon to after touching deeply Jiang Jie Shi's temper get experience of!The week boon comes according to this principle and puts forward replying of central hint case to Jiang Jie Shi project: A, the Xia is rather sweet the side area change to call Xia north administrative area, this belongs to "small problem", can accept.But site 1 inch don't Puma Ferrari Shoes let, this belongs to "great problem". 2, 8 road soldiers and new four soldierseses want to extend to nine teachers, three teachers and belong to "great problem", can not yield. Three, divide the line the matter of battling the area, belong to great"small problem", can be the condition of a kind of concession. The week boon comes to"is small to let to don't let greatly" of this hardhead project and got the hair Ze praising of east.Hence, week boon to shuttle between the hair Ze east and Jiang Jie Shi again.On August 25, the week boon come to be arrived at Chongqing by orchid state. After, three days' week boon come, the talks of Jiang Jie Shi's, hold once again.The white Chong Xi is Jiang Jie Shi's assistant, also took part in talks.Completely out of the blue, the this time attitude of Jiang Jie Shi becomes very tough, not Puma Shoes to cheap jordans the center hint case make the least bit concede.The negotiation fell into logjam. Does Jiang Jie Shi how can become so tough? Sixth part:Wan south mutation"three pleased face a door" of Jiang Jie Shi Jiang Jie Shi becomes smug and arrogant, because he"three pleased face a door".Thus, he also don't put hair Ze east in the eye. What is Jiang Jie Shi's"three pleased" ?Week boon to realize Jiang Jie Shi's mental state, he gives the hair Ze eastern telegram on November 1, 1940 in, analyzed Jiang Jie Shi's"three pleased face a door" like this:"Three Kingdoms pact after, the English actively pulls, Jiang Xi.Japan pulls now, is more pleased.Stalin gives or gets an electric shock, is as well pleased.This is exactly exultation of ""Three Kingdoms pact" said for coming week boon, what to point is is virtuous on September 27, 1940, the idea, day Three Kingdoms sign in Berlin of pact.Pass this pact, the Three Kingdoms formally becomes military allies. England originally declares at in the of day keep "neutral".In winter 1938, England's ambassador to China Carl once from Shanghai to Air Jordan 4 Chongqing, with Jiang Jie Shi's secretly talk was a




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