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practice national general wholesale mac mobilization

es extension."This with"918 incidents"s, Jiang Jie Shi gives out Chang Hsueh-liang's"we should not to resist" of Xian electricity , different. The hair Ze east also quickly made reaction.Postponed Anne to send out Communist Party of China take the offensive Lu Gou Qiao to switch on electricity for Japan's Imperial Army :" whole Chinese fellow citizenses!The even Jin is urgent!Is postby:08bkzhang north China urgent!The Chinese nation is urgent!The only civil clan execution fights the invading army, is our exits!We request immediately Japan's Imperial Army of giving the aggression Air Jordan 4 to determinedly counterattack and stand together to engrave to prepare to cope with new important event to change."The whole country top and bottom should immediately give up any hope and estimate that peaceably seek temporary peace with day Kou. In regard to attitude, the hair Ze east is more more resolute than Jiang Jie Shi;Influence but speech, Jiang Jie Shi is more eastern than hair Ze larger-because the military power of Kuomintang is in the Jiang Jie Shi's hand, but Kuomintang the troops wanted than the Red Army at Jordan Retro 4 that time strong must much and greatly get much.Also on this day, the hair Ze east wires Jiang Jie Shi, the full text is as follows: Lu mountain member of committee grows a Yours faithfully, : The day Kou takes the offensive Lu Gou Qiao and carry out it armed lay hands on north China of decided step, smell Xun under, the grief and indignation is difficult to express!The even Jin is north China a key figure, ten thousand allow of no to have failures again.Respect Ken to order strictly 29 soldiers, strive holdout, and originally three medium the plenary meeting resist enemy threats to fight the invading army of aim, practice national general wholesale mac mobilization, protect even discount mac cosmetics Jin, protect north China, recover to lose ground.Red Army officers and men, the salty wish grows a leadership in the member of committee under, for the country render service, go back and forth with enemy to protect by reaching the purpose of the country of soil Wei, urgent Chen Ci, extremely hold a camp to remain on standby.The hair Ze east, Zhu De and Peng virtuous bosom, He dragon, Lin Biao and Liu Bo accepts, slowly and forward the Kou medium totally central document selected works , Volume 11, win totally central publisher in the party school 1991 version.Next day, the Peng virtuous bosom waits "rate people anti- day Red Army all conductor member fight member" and announces to Jiang Jie Shi switch on electricity and mean:"Red Army wish namely change name to citizen's revolutionary army, and please teachThe life gets rid of recently for anti-, with the Kou in day definitely a dead war."This telegram open




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