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Puma Ferrari Shoes of socialism industry

to aid a dynasty, land postby:08bkzhang reform and crack down on anti-Revolution, 'three anti-''five anti-', the thought reform is these five conditions, plus the Air Jordan 8 development Puma Ferrari Shoes of socialism industry and economy, so as to make like this. "The national capitalism is to take to take the offensive a property, but has part to step back in the total aggression, such as to capitalist of'three powers'(point ownership and manage power with the human rights and management.-Lead to note)assign with profits.Now capitalist of'three powers'have been not whole, although the ownership didn't cancel,the ownership manages power male the square have already stuck in, theirs'three powers' be subjected to restriction.The wanting to let now lets to the capitalist for a while, especially on the bonus benefit, make them have, this is to take the offensive medium part to step back.Once gaining is little, they would not like to come.Here again concern Puma Shoes a capitalism economic law problem.I say to them:'You should not only the benefit is a diagram, but want two benefits are diagrams, the labor and management is two benefits, a benefit doesn't go.''Five anti-'medium take the offensive too far, the capitalist lay down and made him get up for his certain benefits, these are 25% of bonuses.Should persuade a worker to make this concession with change national capitalism.Lee signs three comrades to say that the economic law that use flexibly capitalism is right, but incompletely.In our societies, the economic law of capitalism is to be subjected to limiting economic law, so-called capitalism economic law, be exploit surplus value, reveal, is a benefit only is a diagram, this has already been subjected to restriction.But some factories let the capitalist exploit now too little, this can not change to come to national capitalism.Fifth the part section 124 founds a nation economic development in initial stage(4) "Now say of reformation, not just cancel capitalist all private make, make it change into the end of socialism business enterprise reformation step, but mean at admit the being subjected to cheap jordan shoes of capitalist is limiting of incompletion of all private make a condition under, make the capitalism business enterprise gradually change into a national capitalism business enterprise, manage in people's government next of, contact with various socialism economy with together state-run way and cooperate of, is inspected by worker of national capitalism business enterprise.This kind of capitalism is no longer the capitalism of common meaning, but special and modern style capitalism, lead t




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