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Soviet Union? Jang read the very feelings, present at the meeting of officials of all Su Rong, and hear, particularly in Korea Ridge has cheap mac cosmetics been the poem nike air max 90 as a closely guarded secret of the past, now listen to Grand Secretary verbatim chant down, can not help but deeply touched, and then think that year dismissed from office when all the pathos, mixed feelings, Leighton time is in tears. A keen interest in the money S & P said white orchid Shizuo has been on the side, see previous Grand Secretary poem plaque, heart overjoyed. No one thought of the Grand Secretary on this matter did not talk about it, but a hot chat with Korea Ridge, a son of jealousy children turned up from the heart, head, straight acid to a nasal tube. This place really set House, Korea Ridge can be described as a bone in the officialdom has never refused to pitch with, say this together to welcome the Grand Secretary immigrants, others to say that a lot of strange. Money S & P has always been do not like him, but it is also regrettable that he shall not. Fifty-year-old magistrate. Nearly three decades old Scholars, street prison the qualifications are placed in there, light shall not be re-shall. Money S & P only knew the first time he lose his job because the poem the bridge, but never thought to exactly what kind of a poem. Now see the Grand Secretary recite every word, he suddenly realized from a little, the Grand Secretary mouth a stop, he immediately said: "This is really a good poem can be compared with Du Fu's 'Three Officials do not', plead for the people, adults contributed to Korea." "Yes," Jang feeling Buddist, "Today, most officials seek ease and comfort and complacency, do not take the initiative to plead for the people to make an official term benefit of the party official, even if able to do without causing an inconvenience harm China is also good that these officials have lost the court, like Korea Ridge officials, the court failed you. " "Grand Secretary adults ..." Han Li Qihuo stood up, For his intention was throat blazing speechless, Jang looked at him, suddenly loudly asked: Korea Ridge, and I asked you, you the things you did, whether regretted it? " "No," Han Ridge drying tears, jitter gray beard. Answered with emotion, well aware of the sufferings of the people, for the people to do something practical, it is a lifelong pursuit of the the "Beizhi humble origins." "Well said, if in the future when a similar matter, you dare, as in the past, excluding personal safety to come forw




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