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seat of honor down in the negotiation cheap beats headphones table

rties can accept, Jiang Jie Shi and hair Ze the east all nod.Thus, on the face of it, Zhu De became red area's tallest military chief, while Lin Bo Qu became red area's tallest administration chief.Hair Ze east?He keeps the position of medium totally tallest chief-although it is said nominally win to totally be always responsible for is Zhang Wen Tian.The hair Ze east still keeps being the tallest leader of red area, still keep being "chess hand" that mutually matches with Jiang Jie Shi. The melon familiar Di falls, success will come.The country totally cooperates on the tip of completion's end procedure this one step, then publicly issue official statement, clearly show people of this world.The hair Ze east sent the Bo sword English of thou, leaf go to Nanking, complete this finally one-step chess.Jiang Jie Shi then sent thou with Bo position equal Kang Ze.Hence, "the Kang Ze-Bo is ancient" a new country totally negotiates in the Nanking to hold. Know to all, Bo thou originally medium total the center be always responsible for, hair Ze the opponent inside the party of the east.The Zun righteousness meeting criticized Bo thou, the hair Ze east replaces.Because the Bo thou admitted a mistake and got the trust of the east of hair Ze.The thou of the Bo took to go to Communist Party of China denounces for announcing a country totally cooperation .Call according to the hair Ze east:"The declaration drafts on March 4.Consign on May 15."Hair Ze east September 25, 1937 to week the boon call report.This declaration was once thrown into a wastepaper basket by Jiang Jie Shi.At present, this is from Jiang Jie Shi's wastepaper basket in pick up back of declaration, re- put in the negotiation table.The Kang Ze just sat in seat of honor down in the negotiation cheap beats headphones table and then turned postby:08bkzhang to reach Jiang Jie Shi's opinion to the declaration:"you were this beats headphones declaration draft, if just before of that, just meant totally an opinion of leaving for the national crisis, that was much good!Behind said a lot of political monster beats by dre assertions are superfluous."Originally, Jiang Jie Shi to hair Ze east"a lot of political assertions"s written have a headache very much in the declaration.The hair Ze east then insists on to put that a lot of political assertions up.Hence, both parties want to carry on again some kind of learn by exchanging views.Inside include for use a learning by exchanging views of phrase.For example, Jiang Jie Shi wants to change to"Kuomintang" in the document that is totally medium to draft "government", win totally then insist using "Kuomintang".Jiang Jie Shi says:"these two phrases can use to don't have big differentiation." beats by dre headphones If the Bo thou follow Jiang Jie Shi, come to




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