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Secretary, appearance Please stay.

ind set. See the Grand Secretary, walked toward his Dajiao waiter behind shouted: Grand Secretary, appearance Please stay. " "Do you have anything for?" Jang turned around, some impatience, the money S & P lose with nike air max 90 careful smiles: "Beizhi In addition to the Grand Secretary prepared under a multiplication Dajiao? "Is it? What kind of sedan chair." "After the Bell yard parked, the Shoufu Nuebu personally look over in the past." Jang Fire Phoenix Xiong Zhao affairs with Back to anger Ma Ju-lung give the city behind a plastic feast clever remonstrance upright officials feign crazy Jang with curiosity, with the money S & P came to the inn's backyard. When parked in the yard which see it multiply Dajiao, he could not help but eat surprised sedan chair than the ordinary sedan several times, he now sits 16 people carrying Dajiao, compared with it, but also pale into insignificance. Sedan around Kam bar, carved birds, flowers pattern, a leaf of a beak and a feather, everyone colorful lifelike. Jiaoding wire thick with fine strips of Canruo gold thread woven outside and then cover waterproof Ming butter silk, The jiaoding fly volume surface roof, the four corners of tooth eaves Qiaoba, each standing at a Golden Phoenix artful. Circle about one foot vertical mantle under the roof eaves is also made of gorgeous yellow satin, the wind under the mantle on the inlaid with scarlet silk sash swing slightly, such as stringed blowing the delicate hand, it is The reveries Dousheng. Into the ajar of vertical mantle, is the the the Sclerotium dab spend Geming window on each side of the four stunning window grilles, but it is well known for local artists, paper-cut. After reading this multiply the appearance of the sedan chair. Jang think it have a dignified mac makeup sale appearance luxurious and refined. Then, the money S & ascend still P into the sedan look. When stepping on he carved the sedan chair stool to a chair inside the sedan housing should be regulation furnishings but also he was surprised. This sedan house into a two outside put a book case, the case on paper, ink and ink. A few on both sides of the case, each station has a 15-year-old water Lingling young girl, in between small, only put one end of the right to make perfume orchid room tired of lying. On top are unique and elaborate painted. Wide open bunk bed is a thickening of the scarlet carpet, step up the dough soft little voice: Jang inside and out up and down about seen the last eye fell on the two little girl who,




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