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arches to trudge and beats to have a bubble on many comrade's feet and whetted on the shoulder blood.But person the designation of party the center and chairman Mao encourages the comrades to win various difficulty and goes forward courageously.Small village in Suiyuan is rarely seen, camp out a difficulty, to not disturb crowd, troops much in hole in the under the eaves, door, short wall puma shoes sale side, grass heap inside even the street stay overnight.Connect a brigade to still make use of to march a cleft help crowd to harvest farm goods, sweep yard, pick water to push to whet, publicizee me political plan, postby:08bkzhang make along the road the crowd canceled doubt and fear.The good policy of the communist and the good tradition of people's troops, the earth blow to kiss a cold Mogolian region like spring breeze, warmth the large crowd's heart. In the military advance, each troopses all act according to chairman Mao's designation and thought a much way solution food difficulty.The dollar, cloth that chairman Mao criticizes to us has a very big function.Many troopses all exchange millet, potato and some vegetables and cow with it mutton.All the way, the Li Jing Quan comrade leads of the work regiment broadly launch and organize crowd, eagerly before paying, be in the light of the principle of business equity, attain a food to the food, there is meat to the meat, promised that the troops basically edibles satisfied. According to chairman Mao head the war necessarily win of designation, we in earnest studied hair Ze east comrade the battle principle of"concentration superior force, each annihilation enemy", surrounded to gather with 1, 82 column of troopses the city is rather.Gathering rather is a Sui east the key figure is conjunction Zhang Jia Kou, greatly and together of important position, the city rounds eight inside, city Gao Er Zhang five, the breadth is one Zhang remaining, outside have the moat of six Chinese foot breadths.The southeast of the city contains tiger mountain, the city west lies Long Shan.Enemy at these two system Gao Dian construct reinforced concrete works.Face hard city, the our army officers and men is brave cheap puma shoes and stubborn, mobile and vivid, in less than a day captured to gather rather, the Jian is enemy's a trip, the captive enemy travels long, spread the first of military advance SuiyuanYuan Tu Du Gong the bear and protect Yi cloud river bank Duo tired alliance the milk Han rush Wan Huo Pa Song Zhui sparse Chui last home Kui Shan She aim Kou Xin Hao Jing the Ai play Mao and hold Shun Yong Mao Kuo member barium burnt Shu S




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